Free RSS Feed Reader With Built-In Web Browser: QuiteRSS

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QuiteRSS is a free portable RSS reader for Windows which comes with a built-in web browser. That’s not the only thing that’s interesting about QuiteRSS. Feeds that you decide to keep track of can be grouped and categorized, labels are also available for marking important news, search tool, filtering and there’s also an option for directly sharing content that you find interesting via social networks or email.

All the RSS feeds that you add to QuiteRSS will be available in the left sidebar. Depending on how you’ve added them, they can either be grouped or unsorted.

QuiteRSS default window

Down below, underneath the main list of RSS feeds, deleted, favorited and content which you’ve labeled in some way can be accessed and filtered. Everything will open up in tabs, news that you select and every time that you open up one of the labels. Entire interface is very similar to an email client, this becomes very noticeable in the following screenshot.

QuiteRSS added feed url

On the right, the same kind of list that you would see in a email client can be seen, only now instead of there being emails, you see RSS feed updates. Selecting one will open up a summary down below, the same way that an email message would open up.

Key features of QuiteRSS – free RSS reader are:

  • Free and very simple to setup: start receiving updates in a few clicks
  • Groups: create feed groups and sort them depending on their type
  • Search tool: if you have a lot of news use search tool to find updates
  • Labels and favorites: label and bookmark stories you find interesting
  • Built-in web browser: open up RSS feed updates inside QuiteRSS

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How to keep track of RSS feeds with QuiteRSS – free RSS feed reader

From the toolbar in the top left corner select the Add button. Small window will pop-up where you need to type in or if you have the RSS feed URL saved inside the clipboard it will automatically show up in the address bar. After that you’ll be able to create the group where you want to save the feed. Once that you’ve added, it will automatically pull RSS updates, it will look like the second image above.

QuiteRSS news opened browser

Built-in web browser can be accessed with either left double click on the news title, or right clicking and selecting Open in Browser. On the image above we’ve opened the web browser in a new tab.

QuiteRSS adding lables

Select Tools >> Options if you’re interested in tweaking settings, labels for example, system tray notifications, web browser behavior and so on. To receive RSS feed updates manually select either Update Feed, for individual feed updates or Update All, for updating all the feeds at once.


QuiteRSS has a lot of options and offers a lot of control over RSS updates. Grouping and labeling will help you filter only the updates that you’re interested in. On top of all that with the built-in web browser, you can read the full story without leaving QuiteRSS, what more could you ask.

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