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FeedBooster is a free online RSS feed reader. It allows you to add feeds of your favorite websites, import existing RSS feed information from Google Reader or upload OPML files and then keep track of updates using intuitive interface.

All the feeds that you add can be categorized into folders, depending on what type they are and once that updates start coming in, feeds can be browsed using these folders or searched using the search tool, which is also available in FeedBooster.

Entire left sidebar of this free online RSS feed reader holds information about the feed that you are tracking.

FeedBooster default window

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You can for example check and see which tags were posted the most, how many articles were published on a day to day basis, even stats about different authors, how many articles they posted can be found. Find tool can be seen at the top of the window, that’s where you can search through the feeds. All those who are interested in browsing through them can do so down below. Default grid layout of the RSS feeds can be changed. Key features of FeedBooster are:

  • Online RSS Feeder – receive news updates from websites in one place
  • Real time feed updating – receive updates as soon as they’re created
  • Import feeds from Google Reader, OPML files or add your own feeds
  • Detailed stats about the feed – daily updates, tag filtering, etc.
  • Categorization – create folders and sort feeds based on their type
  • Find Tool – search feeds to find what you’re interested in faster

FeedBooster offers a lot more interesting features, not just the ones that we listed above. Similar story finder is available for example. It’s a button that allows you to quickly find stories similar to the one that you are reading. Titles are gonna be scanned and compared and you get similar posts suggested.

How to read and keep track of RSS feeds with FeedBooster – free online feed reader

To use FeedBooster you need to register first. After you login, you’re gonna be greeted with a welcome window where you can add feeds that you’re interested in tracking or import existing ones from supported services.

FeedBoster adding feeds

Add the feed URL, and also type the name of the folder where it’s gonna be placed. When you’re done click Add and it’s gonna be added to the list down below.

FeedBoster reading feeds

Return back to the main dashboard by clicking on Dashboard in the top left corner and you should now see feed updates from the websites that you’ve added. Now you just browse through them and find the one that interests you the most. Use the Find tool to find them faster, or click on the Similar button that we mentioned a while back.


Keeping track of a lot of websites isn’t easy. You would need to open up each one of them individually and see what kind of new things were posted. RSS feeds help out with that. FeedBooster allows you to setup and manage them online and offers a lot of useful features like the grouping, detailed info, search, and so on.

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