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Desktop BBC News is a free lightweight RSS reader for the BBC news portal, which not only allows you to quickly and easily go over the latest world headlines, but also offers a very simple news browser, which you can use to quickly open up the news that comes up in the RSS feed.

Drop down list from the top of the interface can be used to change the geographical locations from where the news will come from, which continents, or select categories like sports, entertainments, economy, companies and so on. List down below will be populated by default with the latest news.

Desktop BBC News default window

That’s pretty much everything that you’re gonna see from Desktop BBC News. Everything else that this free RSS news feeder has to offer becomes available when you select an interesting story from the list.

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Desktop BBC News browser preview

When you click on a story title, first a small window is gonna pop-up where short description of what the article is about can. In the bottom right corner Read More button is available. Surprisingly clicking on that link, to read more of the story will not open up your default web browser but rather a Desktop BBC News browser, made specifically for this free RSS news feed.

Key features of Desktop BBC News are:

  • Lightweight and fast – spends very little RAM and is very responsive
  • Built-in web browser – for opening up and reading selected news stories
  • Select news important for you – Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas
  • News categories – entertainment, politics, health, eduction, etc
  • Hide windows header – leave only the RSS news feed on the desktop

How to receive worldwide news updates with Desktop BBC News – free RSS news reader

Desktop BBC News is pretty much straightforward. Install it and after running it for the first time, like we already mentioned, you’re gonna be presented with the latest UK news. To change the location, for example if you want receive American news, both South and North, use the drop down menu from the top.

Desktop BBC News opening link

Notice that there’s no header on the image above, right click anywhere inside the window and select remove header to remove it. Left click on a news story will open up the short description window, and by clicking on Read More you can open up the actual browser.

Desktop BBC News website viewing

As you can see, different websites can also be visited, by typing up the URL address in the address bar at the top. Built-in browser relies heavily on Internet Explorer, so for example, to view videos from the available news, Flash needs to be installed in Internet Explorer.


Being informed on important world events is very important, but it can be sometimes very difficult to find your way around the increasingly complicated news websites, to find what you’re interested. Desktop BBC News has it all, news updates from around the world, every continent of the world and also a very simple web browser, for quickly opening up interesting news. Give this free RSS news aggregator a try and see how it goes.

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