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The best words to describe RSSVoyage would be 3D linear RSS feed reader. I’m sure that I have your attention now, because it sounds very interesting and belive me it is. This is not an application that you install on your computer, but it’s rather a free service which you can register on the main website, check the links at the bottom for direct access to the new account registrations page.

RSSVoyage default

RSS feeds are a very handy way of how you can keep up with new posts that your favorite websites have to offer. We over here at also have a RSS feed with a lot of readers, and I’m sure that they will love the amazing new way of reading RSS feeds that RSSVoyage offers. What you see on the image above is basically how you see your feed updates when you are using RSSVoyage. What you see on the image above doesn’t do justice to how the real thing looks like, so let’s have a closeup look at what and how exactly RSSVoyage works.

Tracking feed with RSSVoyage

When you first visit the website you’ll be offered two options of how you can use the RSSVoyage feed. You can choose between a guest account, which is just for testing purposes to be honest, or you can create an account which will then allow you to add your own feeds to the list.
RSSVoyage start guest login

Click on Start button on the image above and you will see the test feed, which is basically what you see on the first image above.

RSSVoyage feeds how look

The links that you see in bold, or should I say links which are more closer to the screen, they are new posts, and the ones that you see in the background, which are more fainter these are the ones that are older. They can be accessed by scrolling with the mouse wheel, or by clicking on the link which is in the background, to make it more easy to read. Directional keys on the keyboard can also be used to reach older posts.

Adding your own feed to RSSVoyage

To add you own feed you’re gonna have to click on the Manage my RSS feeds, which is located at the bottom of the screen.

RSSVoyage register account

This will reveal to you options to register a new account or to login to an existing one and check new feeds, that were updated since the last time that you’ve logged in. Registering allows you to enter your own feeds, the setup is pretty simple, just add the RSS feed URLs into your account and then once that they are updated you’ll be able to scroll through to them in this very cool way that RSSVoyage offers.


If you’re bored with the RSS feed reader that you’re using, you might want to try this amazing RSS feeder, RSSVoyage that you can use to add a little bit more spice to your RSS feeds. There’s no installation, everything is on the website, so it’s very easy and lightweight, enjoy.

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