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Feedlooks is a free RSS reader site with which one can keep posted about all the updates as soon as they are put up on different websites without having to go to each of them separately. The most interesting feature of Feedlooks is that it lets you read a feed as you were reading that directly on blog’s website. This comes like a breath of fresh air, as opposed to other plain text RSS readers that take the fun out of reading.

It is the perfect news service for the information junkie. Feedlooks is very simple to use and moreover it’s an online service. So one can check out the latest feeds while browsing on the net and need not open a separate program for the same. The tagline for Feedlooks is ‘Feed reading done right’.

It is very easy to use Feedlooks. First of all, an account needs to be created with Feedlooks. This process is very simple. All they need you to do is to enter a valid email address and desired password. Once this is done, a confirmations mail is sent to your email account. Once you check your mail, you can activate your Feedlooks account after which you can start using Feedlooks to get your favorite feeds right away.

Post activation, you will be taken to the Feedlooks homepage where in you will have already been subscribed to some blogs. Also you can add new feeds according to your interests. Another option available is that if you have any previous feed subscriptions, you don’t have to add them all over again. They can be imported to Feedlooks!

The Feedlooks homepage looks very similar to your mailbox page. You can arrange you feeds into folders and different feeds categories can be put under the specific titles. Another very important feature of Feedlooks is that it lets the user view the latest news in full glory, i.e. is you can navigate to the original website from the feed, all the time still being on the Feedlooks main page. Once you are done reading the news, you can click on the ‘Home’ tab and it will take you back to the Feedlooks homepage.

Adding RSS feeds is very simple – copy the feed link in the box that says ‘Add new feed’. In moments the added feed will be up and running. Once the user has assorted all the desired feeds, it is automatically arranged in alphabetical order, pretty much to the convenience of the users.

Overall, Feedlooks is an excellent RSS reader considering that it’s absolutely free of cost. It is currently still in beta stage, which means that pretty soon more features will come up on it. So go ahead and experience the ‘full visual glory for yourself. Follow the link to open your account.


Feedlooks is a free online RSS reader. Very easy to set up and can handle a good number of feeds of different kinds. The user’s previously subscribed feeds can be imported into Feedlooks. The best feature is that the actual webpage of the feed can be viewed while still being on the Feedlooks homepage.

If you do not want a stand-alone feed reader, you can use one that comes with SeaMonkey Internet Suite, or Klipfolio Dashboard. You can also read about how to get Yahoo mails in feed reader.

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