5 Free SVG Optimizer Websites to Compress SVG Online

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Here are 5 free SVG optimizer websites to compress SVG online. You can submit an SVG file on these websites and they will optimize that. On these websites you will be given some options to opt for what to clean from the source SVG file. And these websites clean out the unnecessary data from a SVG file accordingly to recover the size. You can greatly compress or minify any SVG image on it. Also, you will be able to see the SVG code after the optimization process. After optimizing your image, you will be able to see the compression stats like the percentage of decrease in size and cleaned up code, etc.

You will easily find some image compressor websites, but they don’t support SVG files to compress. And that is why I have compiled this list of websites which can easily optimize any SVG image you want. Just upload the target SVG you want to minify and then these websites will take care of the rest. However, you will have to specify some options to assist the optimization process.

5 Free SVG Optimizer Websites

5 Free SVG Optimizer Websites to Compress SVG Online:


svgomg pmline website optimizer

SVGOMG in my opinion is the best free website to optimize SVG images online. This website lets you opt for many options to assist the process of SVG optimization. It takes the SVG file by uploading or you can directly copy-paste the SVG code on its interface and start the optimization process. It lets you visualize the SVG file you have uploaded and you can also visualize the code at the same time. There are some options that you can use to instruct it what to optimize in the SVG file. You can opt to remove XML instructions, remove comments, remove meta data, inline styles, minify styles, and many other options.

After getting to the main page of the website, use the options in the sidebar to upload a SVG file or copy-paste the code. After that, it will show you the SVG image and on the right side, you will see the list of options that you can opt. So, choose the optimization options and the corresponding changes will appear in the image. Also, you will see the optimization progress at the bottom side. When the image has optimized, you can download it back to your PC using the download button on its interface.


compressor io online svg optimizer

Compressor.io is a free image optimizer that supports JPG, PNG, and of course SVG files. It lets you upload a SVG file from your PC and then optimize it using the predefined algorithms. Here, it doesn’t give you options to choose for the SVG optimization. It shows you the optimization stats like the overall decrease in the final size of the SVG and then you can download it on your PC. Not only that, you can also save the optimized image on Google Drive or Dropbox if you want.

Go to the homepage of Compressor.io and then upload the target SVG image you want to optimize. After that, you can see that it will show you the SVG image and you can see to how much extent it has reduced the specified SVG file. Also, you will see the before-after size comparison and finally, you can download that on your PC. And if you want, you can also transfer the SVG file to Google Drive or Dropbox. You will see the option to do that at the bottom side of the website.

Bear File Converter

Bear file converter online SVG optimizer

Bear File Converter as the name suggests, it is an online image converter that has an image optimizer as well. It allows you to optimize a SVG file having size up to 50 MB. Also, not only that, it can also optimize multiple SVG files in a batch. For the SVG optimization, it offers some options that you can opt for. And it will use those options to produce the final cleaned SVG file. The website is very simple and you just have to upload the SVG files to optimize and get the corresponding output.

After accessing the above URL of Bear File Converter, you can will be redirected to its SVG optimizer. You can upload the desired SVG files from your PC and specify the cleaning options. When you have specified all the compression options, simply start the optimization process. When it has finished optimizing your SVG files, you can download them all in one shot. It will pack them in a ZIP file and then you can use any archiver software to open that.

Free Online Converter

Free Online Converter optimize SVg images

Free Online Converter is another free online image converter websites that also serves the purpose of optimizing images including SVG. It offers a direct and a straightforward SVG optimization than any other website in this list. You just have to give it a SVG image and then it will automatically optimize it for you. There is nothing in between the process nor it lets you specify the optimization parameters. In just one click, you can optimize any SVG file through it.

After getting to the homepage of this website, you can upload a SVG image from your PC. Also, this website can fetch a target SVG image using a URL. As you have specified a SVG file, hit the Convert File button and it will upload it and then you can wait for a few seconds. It will optimize the SVG image and the final image will begin to download automatically.



SVGMinify is the last SVG optimizer website in my list which offers a fair level of SVG optimization. It lets you optimize a SVG file having size less than or equal to 12 MB. Just like the Free Online Converter, this website offers a quick and straightforward optimization of SVG files. However, you won’t find any explicit options that you can specify as parameters for the optimization process. It uses its predefined method or algorithm to clean the unnecessary SVG code. After it has optimized the SVG file, you can see the before-after size comparison and reduction percent.

This is a dedicated website to optimize SVG images and it supports other formats like SVGL, TXT, etc. Here on this website, you can either upload an SVG file as a whole or you can also copy-paste its SVG code. Then hit the Start button and then it will start optimizing the SVG image. And when its done, it will show you the final SVG image and the optimized SVG code. You can download the final file on your PC now.

Closing Thoughts

These are the best free SVG optimizer websites which I have found. You can use any of these websites and then get an optimized SVG image in just a few seconds. Some of these websites support batch processing as well so you can use them too if you want. Personally, I will recommend you to use SVGOMG, Bear File Converter, and SVGMinify to optimize SVG images. And you can also use the other two if you think they can fulfill your needs.

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