Windows 8 App To Selectively Colorize Your Images: ColorPop

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ColorPop is a free Windows 8 app that makes the process of selectively colorizing your images much easier and fun. All you have to do is to simply fire up the app, load up the image and using the Draw tool, simply use your mouse to colorize your image. Apart from providing this basic functionality, it also allows to retouch your images, use blurring, etc. to make your image look even better. You can insert color casts on your image, and do a lot more with the ColorPop app for Windows 8. To sum it up, this is one app which allows you to create truly marvelous looking masterpieces with just a little tweaking involved.

Weighing in at around 23.5 Mb, the app is a bit on the heavier side in terms of file size, but trust me when I say this, it is worth the download if you are a photo editing freak. The ease and simplicity that this app offers, in my opinion, is truly unmatched.

The ColorPop app is available for free from the Windows 8 app store.


How does it work?

ColorPop app in essence converts the image that you load up into it to black and white. Then, wherever you click on the image, the colors are restored. As simple as that!

How to use this app?

When you launch the app, you are immediately presented with an interface from where you can easily load up an image via the self explanatory Load button aptly positioned at the left side of the screen. The button is marked with an arrow as well, so it can’t be missed.


Upon loading up the image, the user is immediately presented with a set of controls on the left, and at the bottom of the screen. The controls at the bottom can be used to temporarily adjust the size of the image to make it easier to work with (gone are the days when you used those selective coloring apps which didn’t allow you to maximize the image for selective colorizing resulting in bleeding colors), and at the right are the standard set of image editing controls.


The Draw button at the right can be used for controlling the selective colorization, providing you with an easy to use brush which wherever clicked, restores the color of the image. Once you are done with your editing process, you should get something like the below screenshot.

selectively colorized

There you go! A perfectly selectively colorized image of a caricature of Mona Lisa! You can also tinker with other settings to obtain a slightly blurred output, owing to a more professional looking final result! You can also add color casts, remove color casts etc. to the image by messing with some of the advanced options of the app.

You can also use the Selektiv Light app, which helps you to perform the same functionality.

The feature set of the app…

  • Easy to use controls.
  • Option to add/remove a color cast to/from an image.
  • Varying brush sizes for ease of use.
  • Option to zoom in/zoom out for easier and more accurate editing.

My take?

ColorPop is a truly amazing app which brings fruition to the fact that incredibly easy to use image manipulation tools still exist in the horde of pointless image editors available on the market, and using the tool is a true and utter delight to the eyes.

Get ColorPop for Windows 8.

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Works With: Windows 8
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