Windows 8 App To Selectively Colourize Your Images: Selektiv Light

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Selektiv Light is a free Windows 8 app that allows you to selectively colourize your images with ease. This app basically converts the selected image to a black and white image, and then colorizes the portions that you click on, hence, selectively colourizing your images. Apart from selectively colouring your images, you can also adjust the image tone, darkness etc by adjusting the background intensity from within the app itself.

When you open the app, an easy to understand interface will present itself on your screen. Simply click on choose a new photo tile, browse to the image that you want to edit, and open it up.

main screen

You can also tick the I’m new here. Show me a tutorial after I choose a photo option before you choose an image, because this option allows you to understand the features of the app in a better manner, by showing you neat tips on the screen as and when you continue with the process of editing your images. Once your image has been opened up for editing, you will be presented with a screen that has various controls at the bottom, as well as the side of the screen.

image opened

As you can see above, the image has been converted to black and white. Editing your image is a breeze, because you can control various aspects like Color intensity etc. from the controls present at the right side of the screen, and you can control the tool size for applying selective colourization (Tool size slider), etc. through the controls present at the bottom of the screen. All the controls are pretty easy to understand, and require no complex knowledge of image editing tools. You can save the image, share it, or go back to the main screen from the controls present at the bottom right screen corner.

The images look really cool when coloured selectively, and the final result looks somewhat like the below screenshot.

edited image

Okay, I accept that I have done a really bad job at selective colourization in the above screenshot, but then again, if you have patience (and a good mouse), you can produce some really decent results with the right tool size!

The app’s idea is pretty brilliant, saving you the trouble of opening complex image editing tools like Gimp and adding layers, using gaussian blur and what not to achieve a similar effect, oh well, let’s not get into those details for now! The app’s easy and intuitive interface with minimal ads makes it truly worthy for appreciation, unlike the many apps out there which fail to achieve what they intend to do.


  • Available for free.
  • Easy to open, edit and save images.
  • Extremely easy controls, takes hardly a minute to understand what each control does.
  • Minimalist interface, unobtrusive ads.

The verdict…

Selektiv Light is a great tool for selectively colorizing your images, and giving a professional look to them. The app does not require much tinkering to be done, and hence is a really subtle take on what could otherwise be a very complex app asking you to adjust colour curves etc. Honestly speaking, I am really surprised by the amount of simplicity that this app brings into the quotient, and hence, this is really a noteworthy app!

Get Selektiv Light for Windows 8.

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Works With: Windows 8
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