Blackshot: Free FPS Game For PC

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Blackshot is a free FPS game available for PC download. Play this FPS game in locations that are set somewhere in near future.

Blackshot is a fast paced action game to play online with others. Just like other FPS games, you can play in different game modes and maps. You just need to make an account in the website and you are all set to play this free FPS game. The initial download size is just 2.4 MB but during proper installation the game will automatically download 1.1 GB files.

BlackShot free fps game

About Blackshot:

Blackshot will make you stick to your chairs for hours. Kill the enemies, defeat your team, and earn money to buy weapons. Play the game like a pro and reach the rank of Commander in Chief. The only difference between other FPS games and this one is that, the maps and themes are different. There’s nothing much special in this free fps game; it’s similar to American Army and Prism. If you want to play different FPS games the try Red Eclipse or Warsow.

After you install The game, just run the BlackShot Launcher. Go to Garena website and register for a username and password, using a mail account. Then enter the username and password that you have chosen to login and click start. Then you will be asked to create a character (like shown in below screenshot). You can choose from: Travis, Vanessa, Adam, and Cathy. You can also choose their skin tone and then choose a nickname and click Create. Even your enemies or team mates can choose only from these four characters.

BlackShot character
Now you will see a group of servers, choose one of them. If it says you can’t connect because of your location, then choose server named others. In that category choose any category of server, which is not full. Then click Connect.

Now you have to choose from Quick Start or Create Server. In those you have to choose from: unlimited battle arena, team flag match, search & destroy, team death match, bunker defense, and SD infinity. Then click Enter and there you will see a chat room where you can see all the players. Click ready when you are ready and when all of them are ready the game will start. If you choose create a room then you have to choose map, room, game mode, number of player allowed, and password if you want to allow your friends only. In this chat room screen you can buy weapons also. After everyone’s ready you will enter the map and just start killing.

BlackShot rooms

Controls Of This Free FPS Game are:

The controls of this free FPS game are:

  • Use [WASD] to move your character.
  • Space to jump.
  • Scroll mouse to change weapons.
  • Use mouse to look around and left click to shoot.
  • Reload [R]

This free FPS game is absolute time pass for FPS or shooting game fans. The graphics and sound effects are also real good. Have a look at this wonderful trailer below.

Click here to Download BlackShot.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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