5 Free Windows 8 Apps To Learn Foreign Languages

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In this list, we talk about 5 free Windows 8 apps that will allow you to learn Foreign languages. It is important to note before I write about these apps that each of these apps is specific only to a single app and apps that teach you multiple languages are not yet available on the Store. All the apps that we talk about below will be extremely useful when you are either travelling to a foreign country, or simply want to learn new languages, as they make the task of learning a new language relatively easy. Now these apps will only help you in learning the basics, and if you want to learn a complete language properly, I’d advise you to take help from a professional as these apps are only meant for casual learning.

All these apps are completely free, and are available from the Windows App Store. So let us now read more about these apps!

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1. Japanese Dialogs


Japanese Dialogs is a free app that allows you to learn Japanese on your Windows 8 device. When you launch the app, you will be presented with a new interface that will allow you to choose the category of the dialogs that you wish to learn. The app has neatly sorted categories like Greetings, Words, Help and Directions, Requests, Introduce Yourself, Apologies, Wish Someone and Expressions. Clicking on the tile of any of these categories will show you related content, and you can learn Japanese pretty fast using this app.

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2. Icelandic Dialogs

Main app screen

Icelandic Dialogs is the same app by the developer of the app Japanese Dialogs, having the same interface of categorically sorted tiles. When you click on a tile, it shows you the corresponding content. Clicking on each of the tiled categories will show you the tiles of conversation dialogs relating to that particular category. These dialogs will be written in English, and when you click on these tiles of English dialogs, they will get converted to Icelandic language. Thus, this app is really useful when you want to learn Icelandic!

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3. Learning French


Learning French is another cool app that allows you to learn French on your Windows 8 device. When you launch the app, you will be presented with a nice tiled interface of various kinds of content. The tiles towards the left are tiles for video lessons, and as you scroll to the right, you will be able to see tiles of French Word of the day fetched from various French learning Twitter accounts. Clicking on any tile will show you the details of the tile that you clicked on. The app provides a very nice way of learning French, and the tiled interface makes it look even more native to the Windows 8 environment. What’s cool about this app is that the video lessons that it fetches from YouTube can be played inside the app itself, and as the videos are fetched from YouTube, the app’s size is considerable smaller than other apps that embed the videos within the app itself as data.

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4. Learning Spanish Quick


Learning Spanish Quick is a great app that allows you to learn Spanish in just a matter of a few days (this might vary depending upon your knack of learning the language, and when I say learning Spanish, I mean basic level Spanish). The app has a tiled interface that shows you video lessons, Spanish plays, etc. If you scroll to the extreme right corner, you will be able to see tiles of new words that you can incorporate to your Spanish vocabulary. The app supports video playback within the app itself, and it fetches these videos from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The app also supports snapped mode, so you can multitask while you learn!

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5. Learn Spanish with babbel.com

windows 8 app to learn spanish

Learn Spanish with babbel.com is a fun app that allows you to learn Spanish on your Windows 8 device with ease and at the comfort of your home. When you launch the app, you will be presented with an interface that allows you to see tiled content of various phrases/words etc. related to Spanish language. The app is totally free to download on your Windows 8 device, and runs smoothly. The content is neatly divided in categories like Academic Fields, Feelings, etc. The app has more than 3000 definitions and you can download even more for a small price. The app is truly a great Spanish learning app, coming with the bonus support for snapped view that makes multitasking a breeze!

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So guys, this winds up my list of 5 free apps that allow you to learn foreign languages on your Windows 8 device. Do try them out and let me know of your experience with them!

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