5 Free Time Tracking Software For Windows

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Here is a list of 5 free time tracking software for Windows. These software track time of all the different activities that you do on your system and provide you a record of it. The software sits silently in the background, while you are working, and when you are done, simply open the interface and view the time you took in doing that particular task. It can be said that these software also work as effective time management tools where you can view the amount of time spent on different activities and improve accordingly. The tasks that should be finished in lesser time but, are taking more time can be worked upon by you. Thus, these software help you out in managing your time better.

The 5 time tracking software mentioned in this article are Tiny Time Tracker, Whatcha Doing?, WatchMe, ManicTime, and TimeSheet.

Tiny Time Tracker:


The first and foremost time tracking software in this list is Tiny Time Tracker. This is a very simple and lightweight software that sits in the background of your system and records the amount of time you spend on a particular activity. The software has a very small interface. Before you begin every task, you have to type the task name on this interface and  the software will start recording the time for it. Once you are done with your activities, the software prepares a complete ‘Timecard” for you wherein, you can see the amount of time you spent on these activities. You can even prepare a chart from this Timecard.

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Whatcha Doing?:


Second time tracking software in this list is Whatcha Doing? This is another simple to use and lightweight time tracking software for your system. You can add multiple tasks on the interface of the software and it will keep recording the time for these activities. You can set break and interval time as well for every task and a pop up window will keep appearing at the set time to remind you about the amount of time you are spending on a particular task. The software prepares a whole list of tasks done by you and you can print or export this list to view the time you have spent on various tasks.

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WatchMe is the next time tracking software in this list. On the interface of this software, different timers for different tasks can be set by you and you can assign a different name to each of them. These timers have to be manually started by you and can be reset if you want. Once running, the software records time for every task separately but, you can also view the total time spent on all the tasks. WatchMe is a nice software that allows you to track time for different activities independently.

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Fourth time tracking software on board this list is ManicTime. This is a software that comes with a very intuitive interface and runs from the system tray of your system, after being installed. The software sits quietly in the background and keeps tracking the amount of time you spent on an application. When you open some application, document or something, the software automatically starts recording the time for which its open. All this info is separated into different tabs and you can open the software anytime to view the time you spent. The software also helps in generating some interesting statistics.

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TimeSheet-time tracking software-interface

The final time tracking software in this list of TimeSheet. This is quite a helpful software with some very helpful features. The software allows you to add different activities and projects for which you would like to record time. After that, you can associate different application to those projects. Once it is done, every time you open that application the software will automatically start recording the time until its closed. This way you can record time for all your activities and view the total amount of time spent on different projects. These time sheets can also be exported.

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So, download these software and start tracking time spent on your activities.

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