Free Time Tracker App To Track Time Spent On Various Activities

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Tiny Time Tracker is a tiny time tracker app that lets you track time spent on various activities during a day or weak. It’s a nice free app that sits silently at the bottom of your computer screen and plays timer to record time you spend doing various jobs either online or offline. You just have to tell it which task you are going to start, and it will begin a timer to record the time until you finish the task. It lists all the tasks in spreadsheet format and allows you to create charts depicting total time you spend on various tasks during a day or week.

With Tiny Time Tracker, you can effectively track your time and try to speed up your work if you find you have spent more than sufficient time on some activity. Thus this free time tracker app helps in managing your time and speed up your productivity.

Tiny Time Tracker interface

Tiny Time Tracker is available as a freeware and can be downloaded using the link given at the end of this article. The app is extremely simple and has a tiny interface (as its name suggests). Let’s see how to use this tiny time tracker app for Windows.

Track Time, Generate Reports using Tiny Time Tracker:

As I have just told, Tiny Time Tracker comes with a tiny interface that comprises of nothing but a rectangular text box and a timer. Tiny Time Tracker basically accepts job titles (tasks) in this text box and creates a drop down for them.

Tiny Time Tracker interface 01

You can enter the tasks you are supposed to do for the current day and select them one by one from the list. Tiny Time Tracker will automatically start a timer for the selected task and pause it for the moment if you switch to another task. It then resumes the time from where it had left it when you select the same task again. This way, you can perform various tasks during a day and let Tiny Time Tracker silently record total time spent on each task.

Tiny Time Tracker interface 02

This free time tracker app prepares a spreadsheet report that comprises of individual recordings of each day in a weak and a “Timecard” that summaries total time spent on various activities during the whole weak. You can right-click on the timer present on the right side of the app’s interface to open a context menu listing options to open and view these Timecards.

Tiny Time Tracker context menu

You can simply select the tasks and total time duration from this Timecard and create chart reports using Excel’s Chart tool.

Tiny Time Tracker interface 03

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Key Features of this Free Time Tracker app:

  • Free time tracker app for Windows.
  • Let’s you record time you spend on various activities during a day.
  • Generates a report for time spent on jobs and tasks for each day of the weak in spreadsheet format.
  • Also generate a Timecard summarizing total time spent on various activities during a week.
  • Tiny interface that sits unobtrusively on your desktop screen. 
  • Also offers creating charts for visual analysis.
  • Simple and handy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.

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The Final Verdict:

Tiny Time Tracker is a nice and impressive time tracker app that works well to record time spent on your day to day activities. In-spite of being so small, it produces good time tracking results and also offers generating chart reports. Tiny Time Tracker is a worth trying app for both novice as well as advanced users.

Get Tiny Time Tracker here!

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