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ManicTime is a free time tracking software which can record how much time you spent working on your computer and which programs you have worked on. It keeps track of each application that you open and record the time period for which they remain active. It displays the data in a very intuitive way and even generates useful statistics and reports out of them.

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ManicTime gives a detailed view of what you do on your computer. It automatically records which applications you opened and for how long you used them. This way, you don’t need to explicitly hit a timer clock to know how much time you spent working on an application.

How does ManicTime helps in Time Tracking all the Applications?

ManicTime is a standalone application which runs in background and lets you do your work. It will keep track of all the applications that you open, and silently records the time spent on each application. You can open ManicTime any time, and view how much time you spent working on each application.

ManicTime has a clear interface. You can see, in the image below, the different partitions it has where it displays information related to the time tracking data.
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It has four different sections: Tags, Computer Usage, Applications, and Documents. You can click on any section to know information related to that section. Lets see what all these sections depict.

  • Tags: This section lets you tag some information about your work.
  • Computer Usage: This section displays the time periods when the computer is active and when it is idle.
  • Applications: This section displays which applications you opened and for how long you used them.
  • Documents: This section displays which documents you opened (including web documents), and for how long you used them.

Below and above these sections, you can see timelines. You can select a particular time period from the lower timeline, and the time tracking information within that selected time period will be displayed in bar graph form in front of each section name. The upper timeline shows the zoomed out view of the selected time period.

Below the timelines, ManicTime displays detailed information for the selected section, in two parts. The left part shows a list of different applications and different documents, that you have opened, along with their start time, end time, and total duration. The right part displays the total time usage of each application or document in percentage form.

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Features of ManicTime:

  • Auto Track Computer Usage: ManicTime runs in background and automatically records the time tracking information for all the applications you work upon. You don’t need to run it every time you open a new application, like you do with a timer clock.
  • Keeps Track of Daily Activities: It daily records how many programs you have opened, how much time you spent working on each application, and how much time you were away from your computer.
  • Intuitive User Interface: It has a clear and intuitive user interface which displays the time tracking information in a detailed description, bar graph, and percentage form.
  • Provides Local Storage: You can store the data locally on your computer, and delete it anytime you want.
  • Generates Powerful Statistics: ManicTime generates powerful statistics to know on which applications you work the most and on which websites you spent most of your time. You can click on the “Statistics” tab on the top left corner to see the statistics report.
  • System Tray Icon: It sits in your system tray and you can easily access it from there, whenever needed.

The Final Verdict:

ManicTime a good time tracking application which can track the time duration you spent on different applications on which you work. It silently records your day-to-day activities without any external disturbance. It can record time that you spent on different applications, as well as time you spent on different websites.

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Download ManicTime free.

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