Windows Free Time Tracking Application For Tasks: Whatcha Doing?

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Whatcha Doing? is a free time tracking application for Windows that helps you to record time spend by you while doing a particular task. This application’s window will pop up again and again at given set of time intervals showing you what you are doing for the past hour(s) or minutes. You can add multiple tasks and can record your tasks activity using Whatcha Doing.

The free version of this application also lets you take printout of reports in which you can view all of your tasks and time spent by you on each task. It’s a simple application that tracks your tasks time. However, the premium and group purchase of this application will provide you more features such as: online manager for group tracking and reporting. But free version is also useful enough to track your tasks.

Below screenshot shows the interface of this free time tracking application and added task.

Whatcha Doing 01 time tracking application

How To Work With This Free Time Tracking Application?

Interface of this application is simple and it will run on system tray after installing it to your PC. On its interface, you can add or change tasks with the help of available Change Task button. Click this button and a drop down window will open where you can add your new task and add it to task list. At the time of adding a new task, you can also set the break interval time with the help of available slider.

Whatcha Doing 02 time tracking application

And in order to set the time interval for window to pop up, you need to click on Settings button. It will provide you Options window. Using this, you can set the check interval for application window (5 min, 10 min, 15 min, and 20 min). See the below screenshot. Thus, Whatcha Doing? window will pop up again and again after a specific time interval. Here in Options windows, you can also clear the task list and can also increase/decrease the number of days to keep your tasks history.

Whatcha Doing 03 time tracking application

This way, you can keep track of your task(s) and can see how much time you have taken to complete a task.

See Some Key Features of Whatcha Doing? Application:

  • Easy way to record your task time.
  • Simple time tracking application for added tasks.
  • Add multiple tasks and view reports of tasks: task date, total time taken to complete a task etc.
  • You can also take printout of tasks report or can export report in form of CSV (Comma Separated Values) or XLS format.
  • Lets you keep tasks history for given number of days.
  • Free for everyone.

Whatcha Doing 04 time tracking application

How To Download & Install Whatcha Doing?

Whatcha Doing? application requires Adobe Air to be installed on your computer. Then only you will be able to run this application. Download link present at the end will help you to first download & install Adobe Air and then Whatcha Doing. Follow the installation steps and complete the installation. After that you can run Whatcha Doing either from desktop shortcut or from start menu.


Whatcha Doing is used to time track your tasks and you can view the reports of all your tasks. This way you will be able to find out easily about how much time you spend on a task to complete it. If you want to try this simple application, then use below link:

Get Whatcha Doing free.

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