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TimeEdition is a free open-source time tracker that does not require a huge installation process. Indeed the download for Windows is a 5MB zipped file. This free time tracking software is compatible with such applications as Excel, iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar. With this software on your computer users are able to track computer activity time, log customers, schedule projects, set tasks and import or export files from the aforementioned programs.

After installing this program, the user needs to create a new “customer” or “client”. This is followed by setting a project and finally a task; task titles are able to be selected from the drop-down menu or choosing from the “View” option. TimeEdition is the ideal tool for the busy freelancer or other professionals that are under pressure to produce within a certain time frame. The single ‘start’ and ‘pause’ button make using this application a breeze. Some of the other free time tracking software you can read about are D-jon and jTimeSched.


One of the appealing points of this simple time tracker is that it allows users to keep a record of how long he or she spends on a project or task. The user clicks on the ‘start’ button, at the commencement of a task, and on the ‘stop’ button when completed or taking a break. The “Daily records” option in the ‘View’ menu, records all data, thus saving the user hours of calculating.

Users are also able to check how much time he or she has spent in an entire day on one or more projects; again this information is found within the ‘View’ menu. Time records are kept until the user decides to delete them. This means, the user is able to check the time spent of a project that was completed weeks earlier. You can also read about online project and task management.

Using the ‘view project countdown’ option, the user needs to edit the project and estimate how much time the entire project will take to complete. After inputing the estimated time, TimeEdition keeps the user informed of the time used; the option to track or not to track is also available. Time tracking software, similar to TimeEdition, are ideal for students studying for an examination or when working on a project that must be submitted to a professor in a timely manner.

As mentioned above TimeEdition allows data to be either imported or exported to the other programs and applications. This means that if, for example, a user is using Google Calendar daily, he or she is able to import data from TimeEdition and add it to the Google data. This also applies to the other above mentioned programs. TimeEdition is clearly a time keep tool that enables users to use their computer time wisely.

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Works With: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
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