Input Director: Control Multiple Computers with One Keyboard/Mouse

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Input Director allows you to control the windows of more than one monitor with one keyboard or mouse. The program is useful for people that work on multi-monitor setup.  It allows the Window systems in all the monitors to share a single keyboard or mouse.

The shared clipboard allows you to copy a data or file and paste them in another monitor. The Input Director runs on all windows operating systems including Windows 2000 and higher versions. The program runs properly when the systems of the monitors become networked. Another software that you can try to control multiple machines with same keyboard and mouse is Synergy.[subscribe-to-us]

Here are some of the features of Input Director:

  • Can be easily installed within a few minutes
  • Includes a documentation on how to use the program
  • Supports multi-monitor setup
  • The shared clipboard allows users to copy data and file in one computer and paste them in another computer
  • Runs in all Windows version including Windows 2000 and higher versions
  • Allows you to control the window systems in all the computers with one mouse or keyboard attached to a computer
  • It does not require an initial logging in to control a computer
  • Compatible with Windows fast user switching
  • Supports Visa User Account Control pop-ups
  • Lock all the computer at once
  • Set the screensavers for all the monitors simultaneously
  • Set the computers to standby, hibernate, shuts down simultaneously
  • Record a sets of keystrokes which can be implemented by hotkeys later
  • Supports a variety of keyboard layouts
  • Synchronize the mouse gestures and keyboard input across the monitors
  • The semi transparent window shows the status of the system that is being controlled
  • The slave can be skipped by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Slave systems notify the master system when it is available
  • Slave systems notify the master system when they are going to shut down.

Input Director is completely free for Personal Non-Commercial use.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows 2000
Free/Paid: Free

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