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MemoClip is a very important utility for our day to day life.It is a wonderful software that is actually a clipboard extender and an information manager that is an extension and enhancement of windows clipboard.

You all must be aware of what a clipboard is? It is actually the place where all your stuff goes when you copy/edit/cut by right clicking on your mouse and selecting Copy. The stuff gets stored in the windows clipboard and you can then paste it where ever you want to and normally, the standard windows clipboard just copies one information at a time and not more than that. Memoclip comes from the makers of TeraCopy, and is equally well made.

But  MemoClip captures and stores all the items that you copy and you can store unlimited data on this amazing clipboard and select which ones you need to paste accordingly. Moreover, once your data is stored you can edit/format/clean it or even combine more items to it. [subscribe-to-us]

You can store all your information in collections having separate rules and you can create a ‘short term’ collection as well and track your clipboard history for the past few days. You can even create a ‘long term’ collection of your bookmarks,project notes and so on. You can even add notes, phone numbers, addresses and anything you want to. This makes it even better than electronic sticky notes.

Here are some of the features of this Free Clipboard Extender:

  • It  has an auto replace option where you can enter abbreviations/symbols like eg/cont. and have it expanded like example for (eg),continue for (cont.)just by entering the space button
  • MemoClip stores anything you want to whether its a web link or any text
  • You can copy and paste a large number of data into it as it has an unlimited space
  • You can customize your information after copying it as it offers several options like editing,formatting and so on
  • You can add text to any existing collection as well[subscribe-to-us]

It is an amazing utility for everyone who loves text and it is a time saver as you don’t need to copy stuff one by one.Its a very efficient software and is a must have utility for everyone and it is free of cost. Another useful software that you can try is personal wiki software.

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