Free Survival Racing Game For PC: Nitronic Rush

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Nitronic Rush is a free survival racing game available for PC download. Play this super fast, flipping, and flying car game in a neon illuminated city.

This game was developed by a group of students of DigiPen institute of technology and received many gaming awards for this. DigiPen institute students also developed another game named Tag; which is another innovative game. Play this wonderful survival game; it is quite different from other car racing games.

Nitronic Rush

About Nitronic Rush:

Nitronic Rush is all set in a futuristic kind of city; illuminated with neon lights. This game looks like a mix of Tron Game and Trackmania Nations Game. You have to jump on ramps, run on loops, avoid obstacles, and fly with the wild car. You can make stunts also with these cars and avoid those gaps of tracks, walls that appear suddenly, etc.

As soon as you start the game, you will see a screen where you can choose from: story, arcade, achievements, controls, and options. Choose the story mode and you will be asked whether you want a tutorial of the game. After the tutorial the game levels will begin. Each level has separate style. In arcade mode you can play: story levels, hardcore levels, challenge levels, stunts level, and old levels. In each of these you can play in local or online mode. You have to unlock levels by playing the normal story mode. In achievements, you can see the achievements you have unlocked like: million point mark, over 9000, self termination, reckless, rush hour, etc.

nitronic rush car

Controls Of Nitronic rush:

Better to choose the tutorial, there you will be trained on how to use the controls. The controls are really complicated and will take time for you to get acquainted. In controls menu you can see the controls. The controls are:

  • Arrow keys to control the car driving.
  • [WASD] to control the rotation of car.
  • [F] to give wings to the car.
  • Spacebar to make the car jump.
  • Shift to use boost.
  • [T] to reset car.

You can also use gamepad to play this game or use your Android as Gamepad.

nitronic rush controls

Nitronic Rush is fun to play and different kind of racing game. The graphics and sound effects are really good. This game will surely keep you involved for hours; which you don’t even recognize.

Click here to Download Nitronic Rush.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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