How To Find Who Shared a Link or Hashtag First On Twitter

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This tutorial explains how to find who shared a link or hashtag first on Twitter.

First Tweet is a free website to find out who had shared/tweeted a particular link or hashtag the very first time on Twitter. You just need to enter the keywords (or the full sentence), a link, or hashtag. After this, it will automatically find the tweet(s) that have mentioned those keywords/link/hashtag first time on Twitter. It won’t work for URLs of Tweets and other long links, but the tweet that includes a particular sentence and link available in between the tweet, it works perfectly.

You can also use this website to find the first tweet posted by you or some other person (using @username). Date, year, and time for that tweet will also be visible to you.

find who shared a link or hashtag first on Twitter

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How To Find Who Shared a Link or Hashtag First on Twitter?

Follow these steps to find the first tweet that has mentioned a particular sentence, a link or hashtag:

Step 1: Click on the link I have placed at the end of this review to access its homepage. On its homepage, enter the keywords or hashtag in available box. To find the exact match for entered keywords, use double-quotes (” keywords”).

enter keyword or hashtag and perform search

Step 2: Tap on Search button and this website will start searching the tweets from the database of Twitter. Search may take few seconds.

Step 3: In search result, you will find the total number of tweets (based on time intervals) that have mentioned the keywords or associated the link. There could be one tweet or multiple tweets in search results. It depends on the how many tweets have mentioned that particular term on that particular day in different time intervals.

search result will show tweets that mentioned hashtag or keywords first

With each individual tweet, you will find the time, date, and year. Apart from this, options to reply to tweet, retweet, or mark tweet as favorite will also be visible to you.


First Tweet does exactly what it is meant for. When you are in a debate with your friends that who has mentioned a hashtag or sentence first in Twitter, this website can help to solve it.

Try First Tweet free.

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