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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free cloud media player that allows you to safely store, manage and even stream audio and video files present online, in a private cloud. You are not required to install any application to make use of this application. You can simply access the Audio Box player from your web browser on your computer and even on your mobile device like cell phones, iPod, etc.

Note: You need to have a really good internet connection to properly use If you do not have a good internet connection, it is better to use a desktop media player, like RealPlayer or BS.Player.

With AudioBox, you can access your favorite media files anywhere at anytime. To access your media files all you need to do is register on the AudioBox site and sign in into your account. The web based media player loads very quickly. All the data you store on the web server of AudioBox is completely safe and secure.

AudioBox cloud media player works on most of the browsers, including IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Here are the features of

  1. It is free cloud web player that lets you store, manage and stream your favorite audio and videos files through your web browser.
  2. You are not required to install any application to access your media files on AudioBox
  3. The application can be integrated with
  4. You can let your friends know about the tracks that you are listening through tweets.
  5. You can not only access your favorite tracks through your computer but also on mobile device that has a Flash enabled web browser.
  6. The media player has all the features such as playlists, filters, drag and drop, automatically read tags, sorting, tag editing, etc that you can find on any of the leading media players.
  7. You can access your favorite YouTube videos directly through this web-based media player.
  8. The media player provides you with various features such as removing duplicate files, sorting, manage visualizations, create/edit/sort playlists, etc.
  9. You can create your profile and also search for people with similar music interests and make new buddies.
  10. It provides its users with 1GB of free online storage space.
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  1. Psonar is another worth checking out.

    It’s also a cloud-based solution so you can upload the music you own so it is accessible everywhere, from any internet-connected device.

    It offers unlimited storage and unlimited streaming for free.

    You can also search and listen to clips of any other track uploaded to the cloud and buy that music if you like.

    Psonar does more though – it also provides web-based iTunes-style management so that you can drag and drop tracks to any device, such as your iPhone, Android device or MP3 player – in fact anything that you can connect to a PC via USB. This means you can have your music on your device when that’s best, but also in the cloud – so it’s also great for backup:

    So – it’s perfect if you love your old MP3 player, want to keep your music on an inexpensive memory stick or for when you don’t have an internet connection and thus offers you the best of both worlds.

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