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Opera is a super fast free web browser that combines all of the best features of the other free browsers in order to provide a perfect alternative to Microsoft’s seemingly omnipresent Internet Explorer offering, which still seems to be stuck in the past in comparison to its open source competition.

The market for free web browsers is not exactly a small one, nor is it lacking in products. Offerings from Mozilla, Flock and a huge variety of other less well-known browsers make the marketplace for free web browsers one of the most crowded of any kind of computer program. So much of our lives now centre around the web and therefore finding your favourite way to access it is imperative to help your life run smoothly.

Opera's User Interface Showing The Speed Dial Function

Unlike any of the other free web browsers out there, Opera features an integrated email client. It works with all of the popular webmail clients such as Google Mail and Windows Live Hotmail as well as POP3 or IMAP mail servers meaning that you can keep track of your e-mail within your browser, meaning that you can manage all of your web-based activities in one place and decreasing the load on your processor by minimizing the number of open programs.

Also, Opera is famed for its speed. It even has a function called Opera Turbo which uses a form of compression technology to help the browser run faster on connections with access to limited bandwidth. This is perfect for those who use public wi-fi or an office network connection that many others are trying to access at the same time.

Overall, Opera is one of the best free web browsers out there. Although, its library of add-ons is not as extensive as Mozilla Firefox and it cannot match the sleek looks and breakneck speed of Google Chrome for the average user. However it is perfect for those with a slow connection and let’s face it, it wipes the floor with Internet Explorer.

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  1. I disagree that Opera can’t match Chrome in speed. Early 10.x version were indeed sluggish and had slightly outdated internals, but recent 10.50 is extremely fast.

    • @Rarst: There are multiple test results available on the web that demonstrate Chrome is still a notch faster than Opera in most of the respects :)

      • How many of those test show difference that is noticeable for human perception? :) There are also tests that show opposite results.

        Tests can be made to show anything. What matters if one browser is noticeably slower than another or slow at all. And Opera 10.50 is wicked fast.

        • @Rarst:

          “How many of those test show difference that is noticeable for human perception”.

          Interesting point. We have really reached a stage that it is difficult to perceive difference in human speed just by noticing them ourselves. What most of the browsers differ in is the browsing experience that they offer. Another big difference is which additional features that they offer.

          Here is my take on the popular browsers of today:
          1. IE 8: Pretty fast. Everything works on this. Most popularly used browser in corporate world. IE 9 preview shows it is going to become even faster.
          2. Firefox: Pretty fast. A big plus is the tons of plugins available that take the functionality to next level.
          3. Google Chrome: Pretty Fast. Amazing browsing experience for everyday needs. Some of the websites don’t work, but the browsing experience is amazing.

          Opera also probably falls in same line as Chrome. But for me, Chrome rules :)

  2. Tom

    I am a Firefox evangelist. I find that it is plenty quick enough for me and I like the way it looks. But for me, the gigantic library of enhancement plug-ins is what swings it. I don’t thinK i could function without all of these little additions to my browser.

    That said, if I only want to do some light browsing and don’t need all my tabs to open, I do just quickly boot up Chrome and use that.

  3. I had been using opera for a long time,but it ate up all my memory after a long time using,so I changed my default browser to Avant which release memory much more clearly.

  4. The same story continues,eventhis version also not compatible with many sites as mentioned in my earlier commentit is not compatible many Web sites. I am able to open all with Firefox,Chrome as well as Avant. Not able to open with the latest version also. What is the use, though it is fast.Switch to Avant finally.

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