5 Matching Games For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 matching games for Android which are a great method for improving memory if you’re an adult. These apps are also great for kids that are learning letters, words, numbers, and so on. Matching games that I mentioned on the list down below are setup so that the player can match animals, numbers, letters, shapes, and more. There are even some which are Christmas themed. All these games can be downloaded free on your Android devices.

Let’s see what exactly is available.

Fun With Animals Matching Game

matching games android 1

Fun With Animals Matching Game is a matching game for Android where the goal is to match up pairs of animals. You can see the app in action on the screenshot above.

Three levels of difficulty are available, easy (4X4 board), hard (6X6 board) and time challenge (6X6 board with 90 seconds on the clock). All tiles are first displayed for a couple of seconds after which they are flipped and you’ll need to math them up by tapping on two of the same.

Get Fun With Animals Matching Game.

Matching Game

matching games android 2

Matching Game focuses more on learning. It offers matching of numbers (with stars), letters (with objects), shapes ( with real life objects), animals (with their offspring), animals (with products produced from them, cow >> milk), and more.

Total of 5 different game types can be played. Matching is done by selecting a tile on the left and then the correct corresponding tile on the right. Correct answers will have a green line between them.

Get Matching Game.

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Connect Matching Game

matching games android 3

Connect Matching Game has board that are a mix of various everyday objects, characters and shapes. 5 tile themes are available, including a Christmas one.

Important thing to know about Connect Matching Game is that tiles have to be next to each other in order for the player to be able to match them together. They can’t be on the opposite ends of the board, unless they are located in the outer edges of the board.

Get Connect Matching Game.

Matching Game Memory Classic

matching games android 4

Matching Game Memory Classic is similar to Fun With Animals. It’s a classic tile matching game where you need to tap on tiles to match two of the same.

Three themes are available, country flags, fruits and famous signs. There are also three levels of difficulty, easy, medium and hard. Out of all the matching games for Android that I tested, this one has the nicest interface, whose backgrounds are changeable.

Get Matching Game Memory Classic.

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Game for KIDS: KIDS match’em

matching games android 5

Game for KIDS: KIDS match’em is a great matching game for kids, obviously. It has 6 tile themes, cute animals, furry animals, hats, summer, food and colorful hats.

Each time a tile is matched when using the animal theme, for example, app plays a sound of how that particular animal sounds. This way the little ones aren’t just practicing their memory, but are learning about the world around them.

Get Game for KIDS: KIDS match’em.


Out of the 5 matching games from the list above, the ones that I liked the most are Matching Game and KIDS match’em. These two are very fun and educational for kids. Matching Game Memory Classic is great because it’s also suitable for adults. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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