Brain Wars: Online Android Brain Puzzle Game with 17 Puzzle

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Brain Wars is a free online Android brain puzzle game with 17 brain challenging puzzle games. The complete game is online based, as it lets you compete with real opponents in real time, so that you can test your brain skills and check the global rank.

As I said, the game includes 17 challenging games, but while playing against players, you have to play 3 random puzzles. The player to earn maximum score after the completion of all rounds is declared as the winner.

The matches are played in real time, so for delivering the best, you can also practice these levels by playing against yourself. The entire community of Brain Wars is divided into leagues and your aim is to reach the top of the topmost league by defeating all opponents.

Brain Wars

Playing Brain Wars Online Android Brain Puzzle Game with 17 Puzzles:

Since it’s an online brain puzzle game, so your first job is get registered with the app. The registration is required to maintain your profile, ranking, and stats, etc.. On launching the app, you will see the interface displayed in the screenshot below.

Brain Wars Dashboard

This is your dashboard from where you can view and analyze your stats and figure out your strengths and mistakes. You can see that app is displaying your stats in following categories: Speed, Judgement, Calculation, Accuracy, Observation, and Memory. Just above it, you can see your current ranking in your league.

To play your first online brain puzzle match, tap on Challenge option at bottom of the screen. The app will start looking for an opponent for you. When you are matched with an opponent, your match will start automatically.

Matching Opponent for Match

Each game consists of 3 rounds, and before the beginning of each round, the app gives you the chance of choosing the puzzle for it. If you choose the puzzle, then you have to pay using the app’s virtual currency, which you will earn by winning the games. If you don’t want to choose the level then wait for countdown at top to get stopped, now the app will choose the puzzles automatically and randomly.

Choose Puzzle

Before each puzzle, the game also displays instructions to play that puzzle. Since, there are a total of 17 puzzles in the game, so I can’t explain instructions of each of them here. I can only tell their names, these are: Operations, Flick Master, Simplicity, Reverse RPS, Touch The Number, Follow The Leader, Addition Addition, Matching, Color of Deception, Concentration, High or Low, Bird Watching, Addition Link, Reflection, Unfollow The Leader, Tap The Color, and Rainfall.

Playing Brain Wars Puzzles

After reading the instructions, play the puzzle accordingly. You have to earn maximum points than your opponent in each puzzle and that too within the given time. At the end of all rounds, the game displays the final scores and also declares the winner.

Score After Match Puzzle

The points secured by you in the game affect your rank globally, as well as in your own league. Your aim is to  win the maximum number of matches along with good scores. Good scores will help you climb up the ladder quickly.

Other Options of Brain Wars Online Android Brain Puzzle Game:

  • Friends: Checkout your friends who are also playing this game and also challenge them to have a game with them.
  • Rankings: Checkout where you stand among other players of Brain Wars community. You can check ranking of players as: Around Me, Top Ranker, World, and Friend.
  • Challenges/Results: Checkout the challenges received by you from other players and results of previous challenges played by you.

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Final Verdict:

Brain Wars is a fun to play and addictive online Android brain puzzle game with 17 amazing puzzles. I totally enjoyed playing this game with players from around the globe. The puzzles are unique and interesting. Do give it a try to check where do you stand in the world.

Get Brain Wars here.

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