Free Memory Game on Android for Kids to Play & Improve Memory

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Memory Games for Toddlers is a fantastic Memory Game on Android that helps to improve memory, concentration and problem solving skills of kids. The aim is to memorize images on the cards and match each card with the one that has the same image on it.

This free kids app for Android has different game modes that help children in recognizing fruits, sports, different kinds of food, and characters from their favorite cartoons. There are three levels namely, Easy, Medium, Hard in this game that make it suitable to be played by kids of various ages.

Memory Game on Android

Key Features of this Memory Game on Android:

  • Nice user interface that can be used by kids too.
  • Full of bright colors and cute graphics.
  • Free memory game for kids.
  • Learn and improve your logical skills while playing.
  • Simple to understand and easy to play.
  • Helps in learning to recognize food, fruits, and sports.
  • Also, a fun section with cartoon characters.
  • 3 difficulty levels are available in the app.
  • Scores and high scores are also shown.
  • Keeps children occupied in their free time.
  • It is ad supported.

Memory Games for Toddlers

If you have Windows 8, then you must try this Windows 8 Memory Game, too.

How to Play Memory Games for Toddlers:

After downloading this game using the link or QR code given at the end of the review, launch the app by tapping the Kids Memory icon on your Android device.

Now, select a game mode and the difficulty level that your kid can handle.

At the beginning of this Memory Game on Android, all the cards will be organised in face down positions. You can tap each card to see what’s on it. The purpose is to select same cards.

To select matching cards, you have to tap a card. The image on it will be displayed to you. Now, you have to tap on the other card that has the same image. If you select the correct card, you will get closer to finishing the level.

FREE  Memory Game on Android

However, if you select the wrong card, both the cards will go back to being face down. The trick is to open a card and memorize it. So that when you open its match, you remember where exactly the first card was.

Your aim in this Memory Game on Android, is to finish the level as fast as possible. A green bar displayed on the top of the screen will display your progress in that level. When all the cards are matched correctly, you will be shown your score. You can then play the next level of the game.

Memory Games

You can have fun playing this free memory game on Android while it helps in enhancing your memory, focus, and logical skills.

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My Verdict:

This is a really nice app made for kids that can help in the development of their brains. This game has images that children can recognize easily, like fruits and their favorite cartoon characters. This fun game challenges the memory and helps in improving concentration. I did find the background clashing with the images on the card, and would have preferred a simpler and single color background, but apart from that its a nice app.

Get Memory Games for Toddlers from here or use the QR code that is given here.

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