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Lumosity is a free online brain training service where you can find a very large number of games, tests and quizzes which should help you improve your brain function. There’s five different areas of the brain function that you can exercise and hopefully improve using Lumosity, memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving.

Each user can customize what kind of exercise plan they’ll be going through. They can do that by going through the introductory exercise plan setup wizard, where you can choose which aspects of the five brain functions you’ll be focusing the most, see image below.

For example you might be very good at memory, but you’re lacking in the attention department. In that case you can tailor your brain training exercise to have more attention exercises, and less or not at all memory exercise.

Lumosity default window

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Here’s what kind of exercises you can choose:

  • Memory: recall object location, remembering names, ideas, etc.
  • Attention: increasing focus, improving productivity, concentration
  • Speed: faster decision making, reaction time, adaptation, etc.
  • Flexibility: improve communication, thinking, multi-tasking
  • Problem solving: argument dissection, estimations, head math, etc.

You can choose which exercise you’re gonna have in your plan by clicking on them from the list, and you can do this for each of the five brain functions. Click Next until you reach the registration window, where you’ll have to register an account in which Lumosity will generate the plan that you’ve just setup.

How to improve your brain function with Lumosity: free online brain training service

If you’ve successfully gone through the exercise plan setup and created your account, you can now login into the created account and from there start going through the brain training exercises.

Lumosity exercise plan

Generated exercise plan, based on the exercise selections that you’ve made, will be laid out based on the day of the week. Each way will have a mix that’s made specially for you. Click on one of the exercise available under the Today tab to start training.

Lumosity exercises working

Games are actually very fun. Notice in the left sidebar that there’s 1 game from each of the five exercise areas that we have setup (we selected all 5). We’ve played the memory game where you had to remember which symbol is showed and then decide if the following symbol is the same or not. To make it more fun, you’re limited with time. Games with the green check mark are completed, and with the blue play icon are yet to be played. Go through all of them, follow the plan, each day and see what happens, what kind of results you get.


Lumosity is a lot of fun, and if you are looking for a way how to make your brain work better (which is true for all of us), this is definitively something you can try. Free account is limited in the games that are available. Even with the limitation, you can still benefit a lot using this free online brain training. Give it a try. Register for free.

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