Free Online Brain Training Program to Enhance Memory: FitBrains

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FitBrains is a free brain training program that is designed to enhance your brain memory, fitness, and sharpness. It will help you to keep your brain sharp and active by play way method. It provides some training exercises (brain games) that will help you to improve your brain fitness. As it is necessary to have a healthy brain just like a healthy body, therefore your mind too needs exercises on daily basis. With this free brain training program, you can fulfill that need easily.

With this online program, you can test your brains different areas such as concentration level, logical intelligence, memory sharpness, language, and visual. Thus, it tries to exercise these areas by providing daily routine exercises. It is for everyone from elders to kids.

FitBrains 01 free brain training

It gives you a very simple to use interface where you can train your brain for exploring its skills and make it healthy enough. See below what you can do on FitBrains.

How To Use This Free Brain Training Program?

For using this free brain training program, you need to create a free account of yours by providing your name, email id and password. Once after creating a free account, you can start training on daily basis as it provides training each day. See the above screenshot. Once after clicking on Start Training button, you can start playing brain games for different areas as mentioned above. Each game is designed for different brain area. For example, for language area, there is a word game available in which you need to fill up empty boxes with correct alphabets as you could see in the screenshot below. Likewise, other games are available for other brain areas.

FitBrains 02 free brain training

Each game is for a definite interval of time, so you need to complete it within that time. Once after completing the training, it will show you your recent progress along with strongest and weakest area. This way it will let you know which area of your brain needs improvement. It’s a fun way to exercise your brian. Well, as if, writing articles is not exercise enough.

FitBrains 03 free brain training

Other than this, you can do multiple things on your FitBrains account. Such as: view your brain profile, adjust your account settings, get help regarding FitBrains, and can give feedback. Upgrading to the paid version will provide you with more games, you can join the website community, etc. So if you find this program beneficial after using for a few days, then you go for the upgrade. Otherwise, keep using free account to improve your brain skills.

Key Features of FitBrains:

  • Helps to enhance your brain sharpness, focus, and speed.
  • Provides different brain games for different areas of your brain.
  • Let you know your strongest and weakest area.
  • Fun way to explore and improve your brain skills.
  • Daily training program.
  • Completely free brain training program for everyone.

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FitBrains can be an effective online program to develop your brain and keep it fit and healthy. Try this free brain training program.

Try FitBrains for free.

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