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Here, are 5 free mind mapping software to organize ideas and thoughts that hit your mind. These mind mapping software basically replace pen and paper for creating mind maps, as these software help you to create mind maps digitally using various tools within these software. These mind mapping software are fully loaded with features which help you to create mind maps in the best possible way. Mind maps created using these free mind mapping software really helps a lot in quick learning. Download these mind mapping software for free.


FreeMind mind mapping simple map
FreeMind is a free mind mapping software that let’s you organize your ideas, tasks, thoughts, reminders, or anything else that comes to your mind. This free mind mapping software allows you to create mind maps in a tree like structure using various graphics. This free mind mapping software even allows you to add images to your mind map. In addition, you are even allowed to add links to webpages and files, this linking proves to be useful when you need to link presentations, spreadsheets and textual documents present there on your computer. FreeMind works with Windows, Mac and Linux OS. If you are looking for a simple tool capable enough to organize your thoughts, tasks or anything else that hits your mind, then I would suggest you use FreeMind.

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Edraw MindMap

Edraw Mind Map EDraw MindMap is another free mind mapping software which offers a painless way to create mind maps. This free mind mapping software comes with several examples, high quality topics and templates to assist in creating a mind map. The available templates on this mind mapping tool is categorized as Mind Map, clip arts and more templates. So select any of your desired template by double clicking on it and further create a full-fledged mind map painlessly using any of these templates. This basic tools allows you choose between the mind shapes, background, borders, arrow shapes, bubble shapes, business type, title bar, etc in the libraries pop-up window that appears on the interface after you select a template. Edraw MindMap is one of the smart mind mapping software that offers an easiest way to visualize your thoughts and ideas. Download Edraw MindMap for free.

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The Brain


The Brain is a free mind mapping software which acts like a digital brain to create and store mind maps that you create. This tool offers highly advanced, next generation thought visualization and mind mapping experience. The Brain displays your thoughts in a professional, yet attractive manner. The Brain even allows you add attachments like images, text documents, etc. You are even allowed to link items in the mind maps to files, folders, URL, etc. Notes section below allows you to write notes about the mind map which you have created. The Brain has got a search option to search anything over your mind map, this feature proves to be helpful to search anything especially when the mind map is large it’s size with lots of categories and sub categories. The Brain visualizes all your thoughts in an attractive way. Download The Brain for free.

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Freeplane FreePlane is an open source mind mapping software that lets you create mind maps or diagrams that connect your ideas or thoughts. Free Plane helps you to create mind maps using nodes, “nodes” are basically the text boxes in which you need to write the text. This free mind mapping software allows you to add hyperlinks, notes, attributes, image, connector, etc. You are even allowed to export your mind map as JPEG, PNG, PDF, SVG, open office writer document, HTML, etc. If you love to organize your thoughts and ideas in professional, yet understandable format, then it’s worth trying out Freeplane. Freeplane is a simple tool to visualize your thoughts in such a manner that even a normal person could easily understand the basic concept of your mind map.

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Labyrinth Maps

Labyrinth Maps is a free and small in mind mapping tool that helps you to draw mind maps in a painless way. This mind mapping tool offers an easy way to draw diagrams that represent your ideas or thoughts. Using Labyrinth Maps you can easily visualize all your thoughts and ideas in the form of mind maps. In addition you are even allowed to add images to your mind maps for making it more clear and understandable to the users. This free mind mapping tool even supports text attributes and offers few other user-friendly features for creating maps.

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