5 Free Family Tree Software

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Here are 5 free Family Tree Software that can be used to create family tree. All these free family tree software help you to make interactive family trees and offer various features to make your experience fun.

MyHeritage: Family tree builder


MyHeritage is a free family tree building software that allows you to draw interactive and easy family tree for your family. It is simple to use and fun to use this freeware, as you can add thousands of people to your family tree and show your young ones how big their family is. This freeware offers you various features and functions, which will make your family tree, look more attractive and informative.

The application is free to download and you can start building your family tree with this simple program. You can add your family to the tree visually, thus you can make your family tree in more easy and fun way. There are features in the software for users like tagging family members in the photographs, sharing your tree with the web users and smart match technology.

The application is designed with advanced technology and features, it automatically matches your family tree with others in the website database, thus you can find your new relatives and members, which are distant or forgotten. Add members in the tree with all important details with birth date, occupation, current residence and many other types of details that will elaborate your family members individually. Gain all the vital info about your ancestors and their well being with this handy tool.

You can also share your family tree with other family members in a single click. Thus you can share your tree with them and ask about their comments and contribution in the family tree. You can create your private family website with this freeware, and publish your family tree. Also make collection of family photos, videos and documents with this freeware and organize. This freeware offers you simple basic photos organizing features so that you can keep your private cherish able moments in better and secure way.

Try MyHeritage free here.

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Legacy Family tree


Legacy Family tree is another freeware in our list that allows you to build your own family tree using your computer interface and that too for free of cost. This free application is intuitive with some simple interactive features and functions. You can easily build your family tree and this freeware will help you to remember important birthdays and anniversaries.

There is guided setup wizard when you launch this program for the first time. The wizard will help you to keep set up process simple and quick. The start up wizard of the program is simple and you just have to click buttons and wizards will do the rest for you. The wizards are in form a type window, which requires you to fill as asked. You start by entering names of your ancestors’ right in the window and add details like birthdate, birth place and other related details.

Interestingly, the freeware has mapping feature where Using Microsoft Virtual Earth, you can easily track and plot important locations in ancestors’ lives from within the freeware. You can view th location in 3D, satellite and bird’s eye images of where your ancestors lived. Thus it will be easy to track your ancestor’s migration.

You can easily build family tree with this app and also view your tree upto six family at the same time. You can have two different family files open simultaneously. Thus you can compare two files side-by-side and copy information from one to the other. Right click on the element and you can see the info it contains about the member and see the various list of the spouse and parents of the member. Also use the search feature in the software, where you can search an individual in the tree or you can have them displayed in the Family/Pedigree View or have a grid list generated.

Read more about Legacy Family tree, or try free here.



Geni is a free application that allows you to draw your own family tree with unlimited members. The application is a interactive software that makes family tree for you, mean while yo just have to drag and drop the member icons to the tree. Add large number of members to your family tree, and share them with other members for free. You can collaborate members and other family trees in the website database and discover new members and relatives.

This free ware is web based and thus you need not download any app, just sign up with simple form and create an account with the freeware. You can use this free app right on your browser and draw beautiful and interactive family tree to share with your entire family. With this freeware you can also collaborate with other family trees and search for members and relatives that which were forgotten and distant.

You can also merge your family tree with others and enhance them to give your family tree a complete picture about your own being. You can use the storage space offered by this freeware, where you can store the family videos, photos and documents for lifetime. You can store unlimited photos and videos with this freeware and organize them in albums.

Other key benefits of the this freeware family tree software are:

Discussion forum: each account has family tree has discussion forum where messages can be posted and responses made. It can be used a digest for whole family, where distant relatives and family members can share and make important discussions and exchange views. There are also public discussions as well as project discussions.

Merging trees features allows you to merge your family tree with other having same branch or leaf. Thus you can lastly land up building large family tree.

With this freeware you are notified in your email about the happenings in the family tree by other linked members such as when new people are added, if any pictures are uploaded, when someone posts a message on the discussion forum, or someone has a birthday etc.

Try Geni free here.



Gramps is a free software that allows you to create your family tree. The freeware is complete set of tools that provides all the features and functions by which you can add, locate and share your family tree with your family members. List the people in the tree and add details about them such as their birth dates and many more. You can maintain record about your family and keep track of the place names and location details about your ancestors’.

Unlike other freeware, you can view the relationships of the individual in a single viewing window, where you can see the parents, spouse name and other people connected with the current person n the window. You can see the summary of the active person’s parents, siblings, spouses and children. There is an interactive map view with this freeware that highlights the places associated with one person, a group of people or all people in your records. You can track the migration and current location of the members in the list and keep in contact with them.

This free application allows you to check the graphic representation of the active person’s ancestry featuring photos and birth/death dates. Thus, you can keep record of the ancestry of the current profile and check out the seeds and branches of the member. Also maintain a complete list of notes and events that keeps in the database of this freeware where you can access them whenever you want and share them with everyone.

Read more about Gramps, or try free here.

Family tree Legends

family tree legends

This freeware is developed with a powerful feature that allows you to create effective family tree with simple and intuitive easy to use tools. You can import a family file or start from the scratch, using this handy tool is very easy and convenient. The application comes with intuitive interface that simplify the process of collecting, storing and building of family tree.

Unlike other freeware, this application allows you to create complete heirloom reports and charts with graphic representation, which makes easy to understand and convenient for you to track the ancestors and seeds. Make quality reports and charts and even books about your branches and seeds and pass on it to other members of the tree.

You can also create a CD or DVD of your tree for your family members that allows them view data, create and print unlimited charts, reports, & books. Also create powerful back up of the data and books created by you with this software. It create secure and automatic backup of the data in your account and you can securely keep them in cloud without fear of data loss.

The application interface is very intuitive and you can create your family tree in the fly. All the features of the app are neatly arranged in the same app window so that you don’t have to hunt for the notes, photos and records in the tabs and buttons. The app is known for its ease of use. Simply click on the field for which you want to enter data and type in the information. Data can be entered on a variety of screens accessible from the buttons on the right hand side of the screen. In addition, the context-sensitive help feature provides users quick access to specific information.

Try family tree legends free here.

Let us know if there are some other good free family tree software that we did not include here.

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