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Gramps is a free Genealogical research software that enables the user to create a family tree, research and reorganize the tree in order to be stored or shared. Gramps is an open source utility that is designed to function both as a fully functional software for genealogical research purposes and for being used as a recreational software.

Gramps lets you easily create family tree, and record complex relationships, sources of your research, ancestry, and more. This is one of the most full fledged genealogical research software that is completely free.


Features of this free Genealogy research software:

Gramps has the following features, each of which is provided with a separate window to display the list of options and tools to perform specific functions.

  • Gramplet: A list of widgets that are used to create family tree structures and edit and analyze them is called Gramplet.
  • Person: All individuals in the family Database are called persons. They can be filtered using custom/ preset filters available.
  • Relationship: Associations between the various family members. One can navigate to the closely associated family members with a mouse click.
  • Family List: List of all families in a single view.
  • Pedigree: The family viewed in a hierarchical tree format is pedigree view. The pointer can be held over the individual to get more information about them.
  • Event: Event window displays all the referenced events including  dates and important occurrences. Options to edit, add source and events are available.
  • Media: List of all media items referenced by the database. Items may include images, sound clips , videos etc.,
  • Repository: A storehouse of all sources. Contains all the stored data, structures and family databases.Has email addresses, contact information of family members.

Advantages of Gramps:

  • Multiple language support. Translations in as many as 31 + languages are currently available.
  • Bookmarking favorites for quick access is possible.
  • Full Unicode support, facility to add new translations and Relationship calculators are the additional features available.
  • The output reports can be generated in multiple styles. Predefined formats are available for doing so.
  • The output can be generated in as many as Eight different formats including PDF, Open Document, RTF(Rich Text Format), HTML,XML and plain Text.
  • Options to generate different charts and graphs for the family tree is available.
  • Exporting the entire family database on to the web along with the relationships, family lines or selected individuals can be done. Sending the stored structures to a secondary storage or uploading it to the web is easy.
  • Options to create family charts in custom formats is also available.
  • An array of tools to check the database for consistency, duplicate members, merging two people into one, combining/ linking two different charts etc., are available.
  • Gramps can also be linked with many other such Genealogy  programs and charts.
  • Features to include audio/ video and images are available.
  • There is no actual size limit. However the user can count the number of  members and descendants in the hierarchy.
  • Active and continuous updates to the functions and features of this freeware are being made.

All these functions and features make Gramps a feature-rich software to create family tree structures, study the hierarchy, store these information, share and publish them.

Gramps is available for free download, modification and distribution under the GNU license. Gramps was primarily developed for Unix and Linux platforms, however it is now available to be installed and used on various versions of Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Download Gramps here.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
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