5 Free Online Family Calendar Software

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Here are 5 Best free family calendar software to maintain a family calendar online. All these online family calendar software let you easily create a free online family calendar, and keep a tab on calendars of all members of your family.


Cozi Family

Cozi Family Calender is free online family calendar that helps you to schedule your family dates and events easily online while you will be notified for the scheduled date by text and emails. The tool is completely free of cost. You can avoid wasting your time by scheduling events by using color coded calendar. The app is so easy that every member of the family can access it. The accessibility of the freeware family calendar is also very intuitive, you can use this freeware from anywhere in the world.

This free online family calendar application has intuitive user interface that keeps all your dates and events placed at one place. You can access your events schedules right from this single user interface. With this tool you need not keep with numerous chits and loose leaf papers. Just schedule your family appointments and dates in your words and forget about remembering them, this free app will remind you about the event. Whole family can use this freeware and there are different colour codes that can be used by the members, to differentiate the schedule listing.

You can also get all your appointments and your family’s schedules right on your desktop. The app is designed to integrate with MS Outlook which helps you to keep up with your schedules with your email account, for easy access. You can also send appointment reminders by text message and email. Also, get an agenda for the upcoming week sent direct to the inbox of any family member. Thus you can get all your schedules and reminders right in your mail box. Get all info about your family and yourself with this freeware, as you can check out day’s, week’s and even month’s agenda easily with this freeware, in a single mouse click.

Read more about Cozi, or try free here.

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Famjama Family Calendar

Famjama is another free online family calendar. It is actually a full fledged family organizer that comes with a family calendar, family to do list, Family shopping list, and family message board. It is quite easy to use, and completely online. The best part is that this free family organizer is completely free. It does not even have a paid plan, so all features are made available for free.

You just need to sign up for this free online family calendar, and get all members of your family also signed up. Then all of you will be able to maintain a common online calendar.

Read more about Famjama, or try free here.

Our Family Family Calendar

our Family

Our Family Family Calendar is a free family calendar web application which does not require any downloads or sign up. You can start using this family calendar tool instantly and without wasting any time in sign ups. You can use this online family calendar with ease and simplicity. The user interface is extremely simple and easy to understand. Schedule your appointments and activities with this freeware.

The application works with Google Calendar, so if you have Google Calendar then you can easily sync the Google Calendar with this freeware and you need not make any repetitive entries to this website. You can easily view your dates and calendar on your browser with this handy tool. Create your own calendar with easy wizard and name it for your convenience. You can either make your calendar public, or you can share your calendar with the members of your site.

View monthly, weekly and daily calendar in agenda form with this freeware. You can also procure printout of your calendar for documentation purpose. The application is popular for its simplicity. The application is designed in such a way that even younger member of your family can use it.

Check out Our Family family Calendar.



Kincafe is free family calendar application that allows you to keep track of the appointments and activities online. This free online family calendar can be used by all the members of the family, and you can keep yourself update about the day’s, week’s and month’s activities of your loved ones. The application helps you to remember important dates and events without fail. All birthdays and wedding anniversaries in your family will appear in your personalized family calendar and everyone will get reminder emails up to a certain distance in the family tree made by you in this application website.

The app was designed with the motive to connect distant relatives and help you to keep up with the family. You can personalize your family calendar and share it with only those you want. The user interface of the application is very simple and intuitive. You can add events and birthdays and anniversaries in calendar with drag and drop method. Easily drag and drop images in the calendar so that you can identify the member and associated event at a glance.

The application also allows you to build your family tree in the web site. This family tree can be used by you, as the app will notify you and the members in the second degree connections of the tree about the upcoming birthdays and anniversaries without fail and well in advance. Also import iCal feeds of your local and community events. This free to use family calendar works online and you need to fill up small and instant sign up form for using the service.

You can configure your settings and manage your calendar as you can decide who can view your calendar and what contents. There is comprised list of settings in the security section which gives your immense power to personalize your calendar and check the sharing preferences which suits your need. Limit data access by category of the members defined by you, you can also add conditions for optionally control access at individual album or blog at different levels of the family tree.

Check out KinCafe free online family calendar.


FamilyCrossings Calendar

Family Crossings Family Calendar is another free family calendar in our list which gives users freedom to schedule their family events and activities and remember important dates and events. You can add quick events and dates in your calendar and remember birthdays and anniversaries of your family member. The calendar more works like your scheduler, as all entire family can use the application; you can keep updates yourself about the activities your family is engaged in.

This free unified calendar is complete set of program for your family activities. With this free calendar, you can set appointments, send email reminders and sort the display for any combination of family members. Thus, you will be able to quickly spot family scheduling conflicts and resolve them in a few simple clicks. This application is designed in such that way you have the power to manage even the most active family, leaving you free to focus on your real priority, enjoying quality family time.

The application website is completely dedicated to family activities. You can set up your blogs and photo alums in the website which can be shared by your family. Schedule the activities and share them with your family so that you can enjoy time together. The app is so easy that even grand parents can use it without ant extra efforts. Following are the key benefits of using this free calendar:

  • You can make up your own schedule and share with your family, this will let them know about the time you have planned for your day. Your family can also view the schedules shared by you and others shared with you. Scheduling can be done easily with this application with easy to operate functions of the program.
  • The freeware sends email notifications as reminders about special events and dates that you want to share with them. You can choose the time and days before you want the notifications to be reached by all.
  • The security section of the freeware will allow you to manage your calendar sharing preferences and settings as who sees the event on the family calendar.
  • The application is intuitive and very easy to use. This freeware manages any number of members thus you can add your complete family network.

Read more about FamilyCrossings, or try free here.

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