Famjama: Free Family Calendar and Family Organizer

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Famjama is an efficient family events organizer and online family calendar manager. It provides an easy way to organize families online and create family schedules as part of your calendar management.

Famjama allows you to organise group events, maintain a family shopping list and maintain a family ‘to-do-list’ comfortably on a single platform so that you don’t need to spend so much time doing these things individually.


Famjama is a free online family organizer that facilitates access by multiple family members and various usage scenarios similar to the events organizer on social networking websites. It provides opportunities to connect different schedules of the family members by providing a family calendar wherein different members of the online family access it and alter/update the schedule for the family events.

It provides an easy option to keep track of the schedules of different  family members, especially for parents who want to keep track of their childrens’ activities, for friends who need to plan events together, people who plan their carpooling and other similar needs.

One can also maintain a custom group on the website famjama.com and choose to make the information Public/Private depending upon the need.

Some other family organization software we reviewed earlier include online family organizer, and free family website.

Famjama boasts of the following useful features that could be of great use to anyone who needs to organize family events online:

  • Allows more than just recording family events.
  • Facilitates Mobile access to the online calendar.
  • Facility to synchronise the online calendar to iPhone Ical.
  • Allows a user to update or add an event to another user’s calendar within a group.
  • E-mail,SMS or Facebook notifications of the updates to the schedules.
  • Automatic integration of calendars of the family members by the users.
  • Facilitating family calendar export to different online calendar systems like google calendar.
  • Send messages to all your family members at once.
  • Storing Important contacts,Bulletin list of events, Flagging of specific events on the calendar.
  • Highly simplified account setup and interactive user interface to manage family events on a single portal.

Famjama has thus evolved as a one stop portal for all the family members to manage schedules in the family networking framework.  Signup free here.

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