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FreePlane is a completely free and open source mind mapping software using which you can create very simple and basic mind maps. This free mind mapping software lets you easily create branching diagrams for organizing your ideas in a better way.

This free mind mapping software allows you to create a very simple and understandable branching diagrams without any professional skills; all you need is a mind full of ideas or thoughts. Organize your wide-spread thoughts by creating a mind map using FreePlane. FreePlane requires current version of Java on your operating system.

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How to Create Mind Map with FreePlane

FreePlane is an easy to use mind mapping software. For using this mind map software you need click on the topic box that says “New MindMap” to edit and enter your main topic name. Now, right-click on the main topic, and there you have a context menu that display several options. Select the New child Node option from the context menu.

Node is basically the text box in which you need to enter the text. As you click on this option of New child Node, it adds a sub topic to the main topic. So, in this way, you can add sub topics and sub sub topics to the main topic. It even comes with an option of New Sibling Node to add sibling nodes whenever required.

In addition, you are even allowed to add clouds to any item in your mind map, that too in any color for making it more attractive. This is an easy way to create a very basic mind map.

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Features Of This Mind Mapping Software:

  • Provides keyboard shortcuts for highlighting topic, sub topic, sub sub topic, anything important, for editing a node, etc.
  • Choose the font style and size of the text for creating a mind map.
  • Buttons for unfolding or folding nodes.
  • Notes section to write notes for any node.
  • Use icons for making the mind map understandable.
  • Add images, local hyperlinks to your mind map.
  • Style your mind map using colorful clouds and other stuffs.
  • Export your mind maps in formats like PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, or even as HTML.

FreePlane offers an easy way to visualize all your ideas and thoughts in the form of a branching diagram. Download FreePlane for free.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
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