Track Unused Virtual Machines: Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker

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NetWrix Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker is a free software to track virtual machine usage. It can report inactive virtual machines to get them deactivated and improve resource distribution across virtual machines. The free version of this software lets you track 100 virtual machine instances.

Server virtualization is a boon to companies as it supports so many benefits like easy management of the resources, cost saving and easy computing. But idle server virtualization is problematic too. It is very easy to create virtual machines on server that is enabled with virtualization software like VirtualBox, or some other VMWare alternative. This leads to users creating lot of virtual machines, even though some of them are required for a short time span only. Since virtual machines require extra disk space and consume resources, it is very important to deactivate virtual machines when they are not required anymore.

When system administrators are allowed to create virtual machine easily, virtual machine sprawls are eventually created. Sprawls are required to be tracked on routine basis and disable them, so that extra resources being used can be restored. Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker is a tool that can detect virtual machine usage in order to restore system resources.

NetWrix Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker

At critical times, when resources are short than administrator finds it really difficult to track virtual machine usage and discover which virtual machines are required to be stopped and which need to be kept switched on.

Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker is a free system utility programmed to track virtual machine usage. It works on simple logic to watch for machine capacity usage and report inactive virtual machines. Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker goes through the machine’s capacity utilization and reports such server virtualizations which are at rest and do not require any more.

Sometimes it is very difficult for the administrator to justify the virtual machines to be inactive and not in use. But Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker provides  a handy solution to this. Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker sends daily reports to the administrator regarding usage of the virtual machines in simple language. Administrators acknowledges themselves with the status of the virtual machines in the system and take decision as to which machine is required to be deactivated at time of crisis to restore system resources.

Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker sends report to the administrator like “almost no network usage since 2 weeks” “no activity since 2 months”. Administrators then contact machine users, and take confirmation of deactivation of the virtual machine. Server virtualization not only affects storage space of the system. But also consume power unnecessarily.

Thus, your power bills are reduced to acceptable level, also enhancing productivity of the system resources. Disk space is vital for IT users and you cannot afford to waste your disk space for idle virtualization.

Thus, summing up the benefits of Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker:

  • Restore system resources
  • Encouraging green computing
  • Avoid deleting important/ active virtual machines
  • Track virtual machine usage automatically
  • Daily reports with usage statistics
  • Detect virtual machine sprawl
  • It supports Virtual Centre 3.x, ESX Server 3.x and ESXi Server 3.x.

Other tools to manage system resources include Disk Space Monitor, Duplicate Cleaner and Free Disk Usage Analayzer.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003
Free/Paid: Free

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