Disk Space Monitor – Freeware to Monitor Hard Drive Space

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Disk Space Monitor is a free software to monitor disk space. Disk Space Monitor lets the user keep a close watch on the disk space and thus avoid any downtime due to low disk space. It also comes in a commercial paid version. It comes from the stable of NetWrix Coropration, which has a host of other products relating to IT.

Netwrix Disk Space Monitor is especially useful for IT professionals who do not have time to keep track of their disk space and also cannot afford to suffer any potential downtime because of the same. It helps them to keep track of the disk space on domain controllers, file servers, SharePoint servers, Exchange servers, database servers and others.  When you find disk space has been filled, you can use free disk analysis software to find what is taking up your disk space.

How to Use Disk Space Monitor:

The way Disk Space Monitor works is simple. Once the program is started, and you see the interface, there is a list for server names to which you can add, remove or import server names. Then there is a notification tab wherein you can set the level of disk space below which if it falls, the Disk Space Monitor will notify you. Finally there are columns for the details of the domain to which this notification is to be sent. Another option is available wherein you can receive detailed report for the servers listed with the software running with low disk space.

Disk Space Monitor sends reports on the disk space levels on a daily basis. This helps the IT professional to effectively manage his work, by avoiding unprecedented system failures and potential downtime.

Some of the features of Disk Space Monitor are:

  • It enables the monitoring of multiple servers at the same time and prevents the disk space from falling below the specified threshold level.
  • Daily or even real-time reports sent regarding all the servers running with disk space below the threshold level.
  • Last but not the least – very easy to configure as well as user friendly.

Apart from monitoring disk space, you can also keep an eye on health of hard drive with tools like Acronis Drive Monitor, and HDD Health.


Disk Space Monitor is a free software for monitoring server disk space, thus avoiding potential downtime and unexpected failures. It’s a very handy tool for people constantly working on servers because it will prove them very costly to have errors, lost data or downtime because of low disk space.

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