Excit: Free Online Game With Excel Based Interface To Hide From Boss

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Excit is a free online puzzle game from Kongregate. It’s a small and simple game where you are trapped in a spreadsheet (Excel sheet), there is only one exit and you have to navigate your cursor to the exit without leaving the spreadsheet.

The gameplay is simple, you just need to reach to the exit of the spreadsheet and your level is completed. After completing each level you get a password which you can use later to restart the game from the same level.


It is the kind of game that your boss even won’t mind you playing (simply because he won’t realize you are playing a game; he will think you are working on a Excel! What better thing to do on a Friday). I like to call a game like this as a “stretching game”, you know the type of game you like to play in your office between your work (or work between playing hours?).

There is no sign up process required to play the game, just hit the link provided at the end of this review and play the game. You are required to enter the player’s name before starting off with the game. Even if you exit from the game, and wish to restart the game from the same level, you just need to select the “Enter Password” option on the screen and enter the password that you received after completing the last level.

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About Excit

The gameplay of Excit is very simple and the game has an easy and intuitive interface. There is a spreadsheet in which you are trapped, and you need to navigate the cursor to the getaway in the spreadsheet without leaving the spreadsheet. The cursor is navigated with the help of the four directional arrow keys of your keyboard. Once you hit a directional arrow, the cursor will immediately move fastly till it reaches end of the spreadsheet (you can’t change its direction when its moving). The only way to change its direction is to make it hit obstacles that are there in spreadsheet. So basically, you want your cursor to hit the obstacle or else it will continue to move in a straight line and consequently leave the spreadsheet. So, you have to plan your gateway path using obstacles (they too are fixed and can’t be moved).

Kongregate Game

The initial couple of levels are simple, but soon you’ll realize that the game is much more difficult than it seems to be and needs good logic.

Once you complete a level, you will be provided with the password. You can start the game from the next level that you covered after entering this password. You can only enjoy this privilege, if you have signed up to the game (which is again! Free!!).

Kongregate Password

Apart from this, as you complete a level, the next level offers you some new perks like: a directional obstacle that directs your cursor from vertical to horizontal, a key that can unlock the doors in the obstacle, a logo called “Miss”and other such stuffs.There is no last level in the game, it’s just that some new type of obstacles keeps coming up in every stage.

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Game Control

The game control is very easy, you navigate your cursor with the four directional arrow keys. Once you hit the arrow, the cursor move across the spreadsheet unless it is hit by an obstacle. If you exit the the spreadsheet, you will have to start again from the starting point. You can click anywhere on the game with your mouse to view the controls.


  • Up Arrow- Navigate Up
  • Down Arrow- Navigate Down
  • Right Arrow- Navigate Right
  • Left Arrow- Navigate Left

Thus, start the game, navigate your cursor to escape the spreadsheet. Try to take less time and moves, to reach the getaway, and create high scores. That’s pretty much all that you need to know to start off with the game. Now just hit the link below and get started with the game.

My Verdict

Excit, a free online puzzle game can be summarized as a simple and intuitive game, that is played online for free. A short game, that though lacks in features if compared to the modern day 3D games, but has enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen . Therefore, I rate the game as a “Nice” game to refresh your mind after a hectic session of your office meetings.

Play Excit free online here.

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