Raze: Free Flash Based Online Shooting Game With Amazing Gameplay

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Raze is free to play, online Flash based shooting game for PC. It’s a shooting game where no signup is required. You just hit the link provided at the end of this review, and you are good to go. This shooting game requires you to fight against the Aliens, Zombies, and Robots in a futuristic scenario, where you are fighting for the survival of Earth (or something like that).

The game offers you five addictive gaming modes, and lets you customize characters. There are 12 sets of characters, that you can customize in the game, all differently.


Raze is actually one of the pretty amazing Flash games, that I have come across so far. For a free Flash game, it has really breathtaking visuals. There are even certain power ups in the game, where you get new guns to slay your enemies with. You can re-spawn in the game as many times, as you want to.

There are also six different battle locations to fight on. I particularly liked the background score of the game; it’s fast paced and perfectly sets the mood to put your combat suits on.

GAme Interface Campaign Mode

About Raze Flash Game:

You don’t always get to play Flash games, as amazing as Raze. When the game starts, it asks you to create your gaming profile. In the next step, it offers you two different modes to play: Campaign and Quick Match.

Raze Game Modes

Campaign: The game let’s you play as an Alien or Human. This is the mode where you can customize your characters. You can unlock the Alien campaign only after you have played the Human campaign. The mode has almost 15 levels to complete. The initial levels are easy, where you are up against training bot that teaches you to combat. The next stages will have different match strategies. Once you have completed all the 15 levels of the Human mode, your Alien campaign will be unlocked and you will be able to play 15 levels of Alien mode too. I personally found the human boss more difficult to kill.

Raze Levels in Campaingn

Quick Match: The mode is again divided into 5 different gaming modes, and all of them are equally addictive. In each of these gaming modes you can customize few settings, like: opponents, difficulty level, scores to win, Damage Mode, Ego Mode, and the Ballistics.

The gaming modes are as follows:

Raze Quick Match Modes

  • Deathmatch: In this mode, you have to battle against the enemies all alone. You can choose the number of opponents, from a minimum of 1 to maximum of 9.
  • Team Deathmatch: As the name says itself, you will be having your own team up against the another. You can have the team members up to 5 and minimum of 2.
  • Elimination: Where all the other game modes provide you limitless re-spawns, here you can actually customize the number of re-spawns. You can have minimum of 7 lives and maximum of 25 lives.
  • Team Elimination: Same as the above, but here you get minimum re-spawns of 15 and maximum of 25. The re-spawns will be counted for the time you team mates die as well. You also get to switch off the friendly shoot, so you won’t be able to dodge a bullet from your team mates.
  • Juggernaut: Here you are up against a large army. Here you can customize your shield. You can modify your ability to take attacks, which is quite unique considering any other mode does not provides you with this customizing option.

To customize any mode, just click on the arrows beside the customizing options to increase or decrease the count.

Tap on any mode, followed by tap on the “Start” option to start playing the mode. There are also power ups in the game, for you to pick up. The power ups include, different types of firearms, and meds to replenish your life.

Raze Game Interface


The Gamecontrol is pretty easy, and same for whichever mode you choose to play.

There are two sets of keys, that you can choose to move the player in the game.

Raze Game Controls

  • Up Arrow or W: To Jump (hit it twice to jump higher)
  • Down Arrow or S: To sit
  • Right Arrow or D: To move Forward
  • Left Arrow or A: To move Backward.

Apart from that, your mouse will be used to aim, and left click on the mouse will shoot the bullet.

Raze Game Interface 2

All the guns that you claim on will be shown in the interface and you have to just tap on any gun to switch the guns.

RAze Guns Highlighted

That’s pretty much to the game. For a flash game, this seems quite a lot to handle.

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Final Verdict

You don’t come across a game like this every day. Amazing gameplay with lots of levels and game modes to explore will be enough to feed your hunger for shooting games. Therefore, I rate the game as “Very Good” and have no problem whatsoever in recommending this for you to play.

Play Raze for free here.

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