Free Money Management Software to Track Income and Expenses

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Personal Finances is a free money management software for Windows which you can use to easily keep track of income that you make and money that you spend each month. Multiple accounts can be created for cash income, bank balance, credit card balance and so on. Same thing goes for expenses, they can be grouped on food, rent, bills, entertainment, loans, transportation and several other sub-categories.

Down below you can see the interface of this free money management software. When running it for the first time you’re offered to create an empty database or an example database so you can see how everything is supposed to look like once that you start keeping track of your income and expenses.

Personal Finances default window

Left sidebar holds a list of all the accounts where you can sort income/expenses that you receive. By default money flow can be sorted on bank accounts, credit cards or just cash. Additional accounts can be created manually. Central section holds the actual list of income and expenses. All the way on the right controls are available with which you can add new income and expenses to the central list. Top left corner has the usual menu, quick access toolbar combo.

Key features of Personal Finances are:

  • Free and simple to use: offers introductory example database you can use
  • Easy money management: keep track of monthly income and expenses
  • Allows you to have multiple accounts setup: bank, credit cards, cash
  • Expenses can be categorized: bills, food, new ones can be created
  • Family money management: manage income/expenses for each family member
  • Built-in calculator: quickly and easily perform calculations
  • Large number of currencies are supported, new ones can be added manually

Similar software: HomeBankGrisbi, KMyMoney.

By keeping track of your money with this free money management software you might even end up spending less. Most of us have been known to spend money needlessly, on things we could do without. We only become aware of that when we put everything to paper and go over our expenditure.

How to manage money with Personal Finances: free money managmenet software

To create a new empty database select File >> New. Once you’ve done that, everything’s gonna be empty, list of accounts on the left and the income/expense manager in the middle.

Personal Finances adding income

New income can be added by right clicking on the Income category and selecting Add Transaction. Here you can add amount of the income, account where you want to add it and so on.

Personal Finances adding expense

Now that we have income, let’s spend it. After that, let’s keep track of the spending in Personal Finance. Right click on the Expenses category and again select Add Transaction. Type in amount, from where you want to take the money, from which account and also setup the category for the expense. When you’re done click OK.


Personal Finances has everything you need for basic money management. It’s simple and to the point. We only covered the basic functions, there’s a lot more it has to offer. Paid upgrade is possible for those looking for more features.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free

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