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Zoho Support is a free online helpdesk software that will help you provide great customer service through your business. You will be able to prioritize and manage an increasing volume of customers that are coming to your site. The free online help desk softaware helps you really organize all of the help desk questions and complaints you have coming into your website. You can sort through queries whether they arrive through phone, email, or surveys. You can make sure that each problem is handled in a timely manner. You have the option of allowing some of the issues to sort themselves out over the automated system, or have certain issues go directly to your live support. It just helps to have all the small questions left to the system so that the serious ones get the added support.

Zoho Support provides a safe place for you to remain in control of your data. The interface of this free help desk softaware is very simple to make changes to so if you are not comfortable with part of the service then you can change it. You will not need to know any complex code which is nice. You can access the program anytime and from anywhere. You can give complete control to your customers so that they can manage their tickets and can escalate it to customer service if they cannot handle it on their own. You can also limit the responsibility they have and give your workers access to certain types of claims. Most people who try the Zoho Support System love the freedom they have to customize it to their needs.

Zoho Support

The free version of Zoho Support works with 1 help desk agent, and does not supports Help desk workflow automation, or escalation feature. However, that is really not required if there is just one agent :) If you need support for more agents, you can try Web Help Desk, Hesk, and Polar Help Desk.

Here are some of the features of Zoho Support:

Manage Customer’s Tickets and Close Them Efficiently:

When you deal with a lot of different customer’s on a daily basis then you may need a hand if they have questions or complaints. Allowing customers to open up a ticket if they have an issue gives them the satisfaction of being able to do something about their problem. When they can sign onto the Zoho System and open up a ticket without having to explain their issue to customer service, or waiting an extremely long time on the phone, then it is good for the customer and the company. If they are able to find the answer to their question, or use automated options to resolve their complaint then it runs a lot smoother. It also frees up your customer support for the really serious problems, and difficult questions.

Contracts and Escalation can be Created
If a customer is unable to solve their issues via automated system then they have the option to escalate their ticket, and receive a call from a customer service representative. This helps to ensure that you do not miss anything; if a customer is too upset to deal with an automated system, or the problem cannot be solved that way, then the escalation will bring it to your attention. You can also use the Zoho Support System to create contracts, and make sure both you and your customers hold up your end of the bargain. This feature is not available in free version of Zoho Support.

The Ability to Customize the Site for Your Business
The best feature of the Zoho Support free software is that you can customize your site to be however you want it. You can pick certain issues to get an immediate refund, and some issues that are not clear-cut to be sent to customer service. You can set the program up however you want and you do not have to be a computer genius to do it.

No Waiting Time
The fact that your customers get help immediately after signing on is one of the key selling points of the product. Business owners know that losing business because they receive poor customer service, is just not acceptable. With the software working with you people know that you care about the service they get, and you want to make sure that you are helping them.

Zoho Support is an easy to use free help desk software that is easy to configure and easy to use. However, the limitation to use just one agent in free version greatly limits its scope of usage.

Try Zoho Support free.

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