4 Personal Trainer Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 4 personal trainer extensions for Google Chrome which can be used by fitness enthusiast and also those who would like to become fitness enthusiasts. Loosing weight and getting into shape isn’t easy. Starting to exercise and eating right takes willpower and dedication. Those who manage to force themselves to get the ball rolling sometimes get discouraged because even though they work and apply themselves, they do not see results. Reason for this is that they aren’t doing things properly. A personal trainer extension will hopefully prevent you from doing that.

Let’s look at these extensions below.

Personal Trainer by Ebhasin

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Personal Trainer by Ebhasin will take your info, things like gender, height, weight, current levels of activity, what kind of goals you have (losing weight, gaining muscle or both) and it will then setup a daily exercise plan that you need to follow if you want to meet desired goals.

Account needs to be registered in order to gain access to the plan developed by this personal trainer extension. Each exercise in the plan has a YouTube video linked that explains the proper way to perform the exercise. From the top menu it’s possible to access a database of articles where more info about healthier living can be found, including dieting tips.

Get Personal Trainer by Ebhasin.

Petra – Personal Trainer

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Petra – Personal Trainer has a couple of very unique features when compared to all the other personal trainer extensions that I tested out. For starters it works offline, so it can be used even without an internet connection.

Registration also isn’t needed. What the extension offers is a selection of dozens of workout sessions of various levels of difficulty and length. Voice will guide you through the workout, so don’t be surprised to hear Petra tell you to do 30 seconds of jumping jacks, sit ups, to plank for 1 minute or something else along those lines. You can create and suggest exercises of your own and submit them for inclusion into the default selection of exercises.

Get Petra – Personal Trainer.

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Fitness Trainer

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Fitness Trainer is a very versatile personal trainer app where you get to create your own exercise plans, workouts and diets based on the calculations that this app does.

You’ll first need to submit all the usual info about your current activity levels, goals, etc. Once you’ve done that, app will do calculations and determine the ideal number of calories that you need to consume for the selected weight goal. After that, you’re free to use the database with caloric values for the majority of popular exercises (calories lost) and meals (calories gained) to create a plan for yourself. Be careful not to go outside of the alloted number of calories for a given day and you should start seeing results in no time.

Get Fitness Trainer.

BodBot Personal Fit Trainer

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BodBot Personal Fit Trainer is a web app that you can use to get detailed daily exercises tailored to your needs, depending on what kind of goals you have.

Using the menu at the top you can switch between a daily list of exercises, or you can switch to view layout of the entire current month. Exercises need to be performed every other day usually. A grading system is put in place for determining the difficulty of a particular workout. If a certain plan proves to be difficult, this personal trainer extension will give you simpler exercises until you get fit enough for the more advanced stuff. To get proper dieting tips, paid subscription is needed unfortunately, but when it comes to training, everything you need is offered for free.

Get BodBot Personal Fit Trainer.

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I like the simplicity offered by Petra, but Fitness Trainer also offers the ability to keep a close on your diet, so that both working out and dieting is covered. Start with these two, and tell me which personal trainer extension for Chrome you like by leaving a comment down below.

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