Free Puzzle Game App For Windows 10: Monster Bunch

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Monster Bunch is a free puzzle game app for Windows 10 devices. The game involves you to connect cute cartoonish monsters on the gameplay zone to create pairs. The object is to connect all the monsters to complete pairs without letting the lines of connection of the monsters overlap with each other. The game gives you maximum points when you complete the level in the minimum number of moves, and shows you the score at the end of a level. It has lots of seasons, and each season has tons of levels too. Each level becomes more difficult with progression.

Monster Bunch for Windows 10 is available for free from the Windows App Store.Monster Bunch Main Menu

Gameplay of Monster Bunch for Windows 10:

In the game, you need to left click and drag your mouse in order to connect two monsters to create a pair. The connection needs to be made in such a way that the lines of connection do not overlap, and also at the end of the level none of the boxes in the gameplay area should remain empty – this being the challenge as all the pairs can be made pretty easily but to ensure that all the boxes get filled up by the lines of connection is a tough task!

The game can also be played by touch by using your finger as the left click and dragging it to create lines of connection.

Main features of Monster Bunch for Windows 10

When you run the game, the following screen appears.Monster Bunch Main MenuThe above screen is nothing but the main menu of the game which enables you to interact with various gameplay and configuration options. Just click on START for now. Now you will be taken into the season selection screen.Monster Bunch Select Season

The subsequent seasons get unlocked when you complete all the levels within one season. Upon selection of a season, you will be able to see the various levels that are incorporated within.Monster Bunch Select LevelIf you see in the screenshot above, you can also see the conveniently located sound and music toggles at the bottom of the game. You can use these to toggle sound if that’s your thing. Upon selection of the first level, you will be shown a tutorial prompt like so.Monster Bunch TutorialYou may click the red cross button in this prompt whenever you feel that you have understood how to play. Now you may start playing the game itself.Monster Bunch GameplayThe game needs to be played as discussed under the heading gameplay, right below the intro to this review. You can see that I have connected three monsters while occupying all empty grid boxes and am in the process of connecting the fourth one. Upon completion of level, I am shown a level completion prompt as can be seen below from where I can choose to proceed to the next level, go back to the home screen or restart the same level again.Monster Bunch Level CompleteThis sums up the main features of Monster Bunch for Windows 10 devices.

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Monster Bunch is a great free puzzle game app for Windows 10 devices that you can easily grab for free from the Windows 10 App Store itself. The game has good graphics and has all the elements for the making of a great puzzle game to challenge your mind!

Get Monster Bunch.

Editor Ratings:
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