Windows 10 Guess the Word Game App: 4 Pics One Word

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4 Pics One Word is a free Windows 10 guess the word game app where you are shown 4 pictures with the same meaning and you have to guess the word. You have to look at these pictures and guess the word they represent. The answer can then be filled in to the empty boxes provided.

The Windows 10 guess the word game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. The game app when started will show a screen like the one shown in the screenshot below.

4 pics one word home

The home screen of the game has 4 button: play, review, coins, and info. The info button gives you info about the game, coins button lets you buy more coins which are needed to reveal hints, review button lets you write a review about the app and gives you free coins as well. The play button will take you to the game screen.

You can also see the left bottom corner of the screen which shows game statistics like the current level you are at, hint coins available, deletes used, reveals used, and wrong guesses so far. Lets click the play button and start the game.

4 pics one word game

You will see a screen like above, where you are given 4 pictures on the left side. These pictures all represent the same word, which you have to guess. Now on the right side you have blank boxes where you have to fill in the answer. Below the blank boxes are jumbles letters which can be used to fill in the blank boxes.

You also have two hint icons in red color at the bottom. The icon with a magnifying glass is for revealing a letter and uses some coins to do that. Whereas, the dustbin icon can be used to delete a few letters from the jumbled letters given. Again this hint also uses up some coins.

4 pics one word level up

Each level you clear will add 10 coins to you coins balance. So put your brain to work and guess those words.

Features of this Windows 10 guess the word game app:

  • 4 pictures are given which represent the same word.
  • Guess the word by looking at the pictures given.
  • Use hints when stuck.
  • Each completed level gives you 10 coins.
  • Coins are used to buy hints.
  • 325 levels to play.


4 Pics One Word is a nice game app to guess words by looking at pictures. Initial few levels are much easier and then the difficulty level increases. Looking at the pictures you have to relate what one word the pictures represent. Use hints when you are stuck and can’t find an answer. So start looking at the pictures and guess the words.

Check out 4 Pics One Word for Windows 10 here.

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