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PDFmyURL is a free website to convert any web page to PDF. This ia a pretty interesting feature. You do not need to download or install anything to use PDFmyURL. Everything is done online.

PDFmyURL comes with an extremely simple interface. When you go the website, you will see a big box where you have to enter URL of the web page that you want to convert to PDF. Then you hit the icon for conversion. Within a few seconds, PDFmyURL will start downloading the PDF file to your computer. You can then open it using a PDF reader, like Foxit Reader.

PDFmyURL does a pretty good job at conversion, and maintaining formatting. I tried to create PDF of a few web pages of my website, and was quite happy with the results. The whole process definitely cannot become simpler.

A good use of converting a web page to PDF would be to read it in a e-reader, or a PDA. I found another interesting use of it. If there is a web page from which you want to extract all the text, you can convert web page to PDF using PDFmyURL, and then extract text from PDF using PDF Text Extractor.

Another use of this website would be to just download an entire web page in form of a PDF to maintain history. I would, though, prefer Webshot or Screengrab for that, as these software can capture entire web page in a single screenshot.

PDFmyURL is pretty good at what it does, and makes it very intuitive to use it.

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