How to Capture Whole Webpage in a Single Image

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Recently I wanted to take a screenshot of the complete homepage of my website to send to an advertiser. However, it turned out to be pretty tricky then I thought. I use Gadwin Printscreen to take screenshots. Like any other tool, it can capture only visible area of the screen. However, my homepage is pretty long. So, I ended up taking multiple screenshots, and then joining them together with Paint.Net. That was quite a cumbersome process.

Today I found an interesting freeware on Free Download A Day, that I really wish I had known at that time. This freeware is WebShot. This is a small program that you can download on your computer. Then, you enter the URL in this that you want to capture in the screenshot. Webshot will navigate to that URL, and capture whole of the webpage in one single image. It is as easy as that!

Take Screenshot of Entire Website

Here are some great features of Webshot

  • Automatically detects height and width of webpage to capture.
  • Gives you option to save webpage in JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP formats.
  • You can even save webpage as a thumbnail.
  • You can control quality of output image to manage the size.
  • You can specify a wait time, so that Webshot will wait for the whole page to load before it takes a screenshot.
  • Webshot blocks the pop-ups so that they don’t mess up your image.
  • Comes with an option to capture multiple webpages together.
  • Size of download file is less than a MB.
  • Totally Free

Webshot is extremely easy to use. Just open the software, and you will know what to do. Totally love it! I do wish it had some sort of image editor capabilities to edit the captured image. Also, I would have loved if it had capabilities to take screenshot as well, so I would have switched to it as my full fledged image capturer instead of Gadwin Printscreen. But  Webshot is really best at what it does – I think I am just getting carried away :)

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