Nest Unclutterer: Block Unwanted Twitter Followers

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Nest Unclutterer is a free twitter tool that lets you block those Twitter followers who are already following too many people. Many times, these type of followers are just marketers who mass follow Twitter users in hope of getting followed back. I always wonder how can anyone keep track of thousands of users that they are following. I guess they don’t, they just want to get followed back.

To start using Nest Unclutterer, you allow it to use your Twitter account via OAuth authentication. Then, you can specify what type of followers you want to block. For example, you can specify that you want to block those followers who are following 10,000 or more people. Nest Unclutterer will immediately search your account, and show you list of such followers. At that time, you can choose to ignore any of those,and block all others.[subscribe-to-us]

In this follower blocking process, I really liked 3 things:

  • It shows you the list of followers who will get blocked. This lets you review your selections before blocking anyone. You can also choose to ignore some of those, and Nest Unclutterer will add them to White List.
  • Nest Unclutterer lets you specify Twitter accounts that you want to exclude from the above process. Such followers will also be added to the White List, and will not be blocked or unfollowed.
  • Nest Unclutterer is really fast. It took just a few seconds to show the followers that meet my criteria.

You can use Nest Unclutterer in conjunction with FakeFollowers, that helps you identify fake followers.

Apart from blocking followers, Nest Unclutterer also lets you mass unfollow those Twitter friends that have been inactive since a long time. You can specify number of days of inactivity. Then Nest Unclutterer will find all those Twitter users whom you are following, and they have been inactive for those many days. This also shows you the list of Twitter users that will be unfollowed, before unfollowing them. You can choose to ignore some of those, and add them to your whitelist. You can mass unfollow all others by just click of a button.

Nest Unclutterer is really easy to use. I ended up cleaning my follower list a bit by using this tool. I think I will become a regular user :)

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