4 US Road Sign Learning Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 4 US road sign learning apps for Android which you can use to learn about the traffic signs used in the US. These apps are perfect for those who are in drivers ed, to learn and to freshen up their knowledge before the drivers test. Recently I covered basically the same selection of apps but with one key difference, they focused on roads signs used in Europe.

A lot of signs are similar between the two sets of apps, but there are also many signs which are different, so I decided to make two lists of apps focusing on each set of traffic signs separately.

Free USA Traffic/Road Signs

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Free USA Traffic/Road Signs is an app that has a selection of close to 500 road signs from across the US in its database. Two work modes are available, learn and quiz.

In the learn work mode the user is presented with a list of over 40 sign categories. Available categories have titles like stop and yielding, lane usage and turns, regulation of movement, exclusionary signs, etc. Quiz portion of the app shows an image followed by 4 multiple choice questions as to what the sign might be talking about.

Get Free USA Traffic / Road Signs.

Traffic Sign by Enjoyplay

us road sign learning apps android 2

Traffic Sign by Enjoyplay is similar to the previously mentioned US road signs learning app, with a couple of differences.

First important difference between the two is that Traffic Sign has a much more polished up interface, which includes relaxing background music. Learn mode and quiz mode are available. You’ll be able to select at the main menu of the app if you want to learn road signs (Manual mode) or play the quiz (New Game).

Get Traffic Sign by Enjoyplay.

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USA Road Sign Test

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USA Road Sign Test is a US road sign learning app that teaches you about road signs through a quiz. Only the quiz work mode is supported by the app.

Three categories of signs are available, basic, pavement markings and warning signs. Questions available in this quiz app are modeled after the DMV driving test, so it’s the perfect thing to have if you’re preparing for the driving test.

Get USA Road Sign Test.

Road Signs

us road sign learning apps android 4

Road Signs has a “Prepare” work mode, which where you’re just presented with a list of signs and their meanings for learning Road Signs’ database of traffic signs.

After you’ve familiarized yourself with the available road signs and their meanings, app offers a multiple choice “Test Yourself” quiz for testing out your newfound knowledge of road signs.

Get Road Signs.

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I have to say that the first app from the list, Free USA Traffic/Road Signs, impressed me the most. It did this mainly by having a large list of road signs and also a quiz all rolled into a single app. Other US road sign learning apps weren’t as impressive when it comes number of signs available in their database, but Traffic Sign by Enjoyplay did have a more polished up interface, like I said, which I think Free USA Traffic/Road Signs is missing. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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