Parking Frenzy 2.0: Free Game for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android

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Parking Frenzy 2.0, is a Free Game available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Devices. Parking Frenzy has been developed by This free game is a captivating, interesting, user-friendly app that actually tests your virtual driving skills, patience and sense of direction.

Parking Frenzy, is a game wherein, you have to successfully park your vehicle in the designated spot dodging pedestrians, cones, other cars and railings. The game is pretty straight forward, with the car handling very smooth and ease of acceleration. Bumping a car into any other object reduces your chances of scoring a medal. There are three bumping chances given, when the meter shows “Wrecked”, your turn ends. The game requires absolutely no application of mind, just a driving sense, sense of direction and patience. The game is a great time pass and the levels don’t allow users to lose interest. Parking Frenzy, is a great app from the vision of


How To Play Parking Frenzy:

The game is low on size, and downloads easily.

Once the game runs, it requires no registration. The game screen open up in a level based menu, these unlock as your proceed. The difficult of the each level rises.

The game is simple, on the right there is a steering wheel, on the left there is a vertical bar with a circle that can be moved upwards or downwards. Upward movements means acceleration and downward movement means the opposite.


The First Level for example, opens up with the control of a red shining car, which you have to successfully park.

The tutorial is enabled for the first three levels. So in the first level you simply have to move the accelerator upwards and the car moves forward. There is a blinking marker which is rectangular in shape. This is the designated spot of where the car has to be parked.

As you proceed from level one, the car may have to be not only moved forward but backwards, sideways and you will even have to dodge people, cones, railings, trees, fellow cars.

Also, after certain levels, there is a driving test which you have to pass also.

Stars are awarded every time you pass a level in a set time. Three stars are the most prestigious.

Simple right ?

Also check out online parking mania.

What I liked:

  • Simple Gameplay
  • Interesting game
  • Accurate steering wheel
  • Great color scheme

What I didn’t like:

  • No multiplayer
  • Braking is a little difficult
  • The car seizes to move sometimes
  • No option of changing the appearance of the car


Final Verdict?

Parking Frenzy, is no doubt a very interesting, engrossing and simple game. This game quells the driving instinct in you. At the same time tests your eye-hand coordination and checks your driving sense. This game is a great app for killing time in places when you don’t want to apply your brain and invest time. Simply press the home screen and the game easily resumes from the same point. This app is like many other games in the market but the user-friendliness, ease of movement, and appearance of Parking Frenzy takes away the spotlight from them.

I recommend this app with a score of 3 on 5.

Get the App: Click Here ( Apple Store), Click Here (Google Play).

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android
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