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Parking Mania is a free online game available for Google Chrome to let you test your driving and parking skills. This game is available as an app in app store of Google Chrome. It is neither very easy to drive nor to park (specially on a congested place) in this game. This game is specially designed for people having excellent driving as well as parking skills. And if you don’t have these skills, then learn those skills by playing this game. You need a great focus and attention to play this game. Not only just car, you need to park multiple vehicles (sports car, truck, police car and more) like a perfectionist.

This game will test your passion, concentration, smartness, skills, and vehicle handling tactics. You need to be smart enough to park your vehicles level by level. Complete levels and collect coins with all lives to earn a medal for you. Earn money and put high score on the scoreboard. Remember this game is not meant for lazy or slow people. So, if you think you have that capability and great focus, then play this game to test yourself.

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About This Game:

Parking Mania will test you upto the full extent. Driving plus parking skills will be tested in this game. You will be provided arrows guiding you where to park the vehicle. But not only just park your vehicle, you should collect coins available in each level. You will be provided five lives for each level to finish or complete your level. Try to finish each level by keeping all your lives safe and collecting all available coins. This will put a medal on your level, indicating that you have completed that specific level just like a perfectionist. There are 50 levels available in this free online Parking Mania game. It’s really tough to finish all the levels as game will change level by level. It would be pretty difficult for you to handle different vehicles on different levels.

Parking area will become more and more congested with each level. This is where you have the opportunity to show yourself that you are capable enough to cross over all the difficulties with ease.

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How To Play This Free Online Parking Mania Game?

For playing this online game, go to app store of Google Chrome to add this game to your Chrome browser or else, simply click here to add Parking Mania. After adding it to your Google Chrome, you can access it from new tab of your Google Chrome. Access this game and you will be directed to a new web page where you can play this online game for free. Start playing this game by clicking on Play option. If you need guidance, then simply go for help option.

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Now during the game play, see the orange arrows and follow them. They will guide you to the parking slot (highlighted in green color) of your vehicle. In between the path, you will find coins also. These coins are not mandatory for you. But yes, if you need a medal and want to earn more money, then these are mandatory for you. So, try to collect these coins. Now the crucial things which you need to keep in mind are these:

  • Not to collide with borders or corners as it will result in deduction of one life, and
  • Do not crash with traffic as it will restart the level.

Start driving and parking your vehicles with smoothness and in a perfect manner. Collect all the coins and have all 5 lives (located at top right side) with you to earn a medal. It will also put 5 star rating on your level. If you are not able to do so, then you won’t earn any medal as well as rating will be given to your level accordingly. But not to worry, as you can play any desired level again and can collect all the coins and medal too. Now as the game will progress, you will need to park more than one vehicle. See I told you it is not as easy to play this game as it looks. So be attentive and feel yourself confident enough to clear levels and then finally the game.

Parking Mania 004

I have played this game upto 19 levels and my scorecard is in front of you. Now its your turn to prove yourself. Clear all levels and put golden medals to each level, if you can.

Parking Mania 005

Game Controls:

What is needed to handle your vehicles is:

  • Four keys i.e. W, S, A, D to move forward, backward, left, and right.
  • The same you can do using four arrow keys i.e. Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys.

So don’t make yourself wait anymore. If you are excited enough now for testing your driving and parking skills, then start playing this online game on your Google Chrome for free.

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