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Online Pacman game is a free and easy to play game which is available as an extension for Google Chrome. Most of you would be familiar with Pacman as it is a very popular and classic game. This time, it comes as an extension for Google Chrome. Whenever you feel bored while working or surfing on your Chrome browser, just start playing this game direct from its extension icon. Eat the small white bullets (or you can say pellets) and save yourself from your cute enemies to complete the level and move further level by level.

In my opinion, this game is not meant for lazy people :p. You need to be fast, clever, and sharp for playing this game. Just have a look at this tutorial to know more about this game.

Pacman 01 online Pacman game

About This Online Pacman Game:

In this game, you need to eat all the placed pellets to finish a level. Each pellet will give you 10 points. Along with this, you have to save your life from your four cute and lovely enemies named as Blinky, Pinky, Inkey, and Clydy. Even their names are really cute and lovely, isn’t it :). They will run after you continuously and you need to save yourself and eat the pellets.

In addition, there will be few big pellets available (see the below given screenshot). Eat those pellets and it will make your enemies feel threatened of you. You will see their funny and threatened faces while playing this game for yourself. Even their speed will become slow and you can eat your enemies to earn more points. Try to eat each and every pellet to finish the level as soon as possible.

Pacman 02 online Pacman game

How To Play This Free Online Pacman Game:

For playing this classic game, you simply need to add it to your Google Chrome browser. Just after adding it, you can play it anytime by simply clicking on its extension icon. When you will click its extension icon, it will open up showing you its interface. Just click on the Play Game option to start playing this game.

It is very easy to play this game, by giving directions using arrow keys (up, down, left, and right). Only these controls are required in this game. You will be provided three lives to complete a level. If all your lives are wasted, then you need to play the game again. So:

  • Move yourself up, down, forward, and backward with the help of arrow keys.
  • Eat the pellets placed for you.
  • Eat big pellets to eat your enemies and earn extra points (200, 400, 800 etc.).
  • Eat the cherry (when available). It will also provide you extra points.

Pacman 03 online Pacman game

  • You will find your current score and remaining lives at the bottom part of the game play.
  • Put a high score and try to break it next time.

Download Pacman:

You can add this free online Pacman game to your Chrome browser with this given link. After adding this game, you can access it anytime just by clicking on its extension icon. It will be located at the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

Pacman is really an interesting game. It is quite easy to play this game, yet a bit difficult to clear the levels. Try it and test yourself in the matter of speed and sharpness.

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