Free Running Game for Google Chrome: Run Robo Run

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Run Robo Run is a free running game to play on your Chrome Browser. Help the robot escape from the robot factory and reach the spaceship to evade.

Run Robo Run is a free running game in which you have to help a robot escape the factory. An addictive game for fun, add this Google Chrome app to your browser and play this free jumping game anytime you want.

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About Run Robo Run:

Run Robo Run is a fast paced free running game; which you can play on your Chrome browser. You have to jump platforms, avoid power cells, you can also upgrade the robot, and collect orbs. Escape the robot factory, to avoid humans; before they deactivate you.

Install this Google Chrome extension and launch the game. Click on Play and a short story will be played regarding the factory and robots. Then the robots start running and you have to left click on your mouse to jump. Use this jumping action to collect orbs, that looks like power symbols. Initially the robot can’t run long distances because his battery life is less. After the robots slows down you will be shown a result board, there click on workshop button. The workshop looks like shown in the below screenshot. The upgrades can be added to upgrade your robot. To unlock those upgrades just grab those energy orbs while running. Use these upgrades to make the Robo jump higher; he can crack those batteries which obstruct his path, prolong his battery life, etc.


Collect all those upgrades and enter the robot factory again, to reach the exit of the factory. If you make more number of jumps, the robo’s battery will drain out. Make sure you jump, when you can grab those energy orbs only. The only obstacle in this game is the battery cells that are located on the floor, make sure you don’t hop over them. If you earn the Butt drop upgrade, then you can double click while jumping and the robo’s butt will drop on the batteries to blast them. Ultimately you will have to escape the factory but for achieving that, you will have to play it more than one time and upgrade your Robo. Then you will reach the end of factory and the game will come to an end.

Run Robo Run is a good time pass game to play on your Chrome browser. Just click here and install this extension on your Google Chrome browser; then start playing. You can also try Canvas Rider and Moon breakers game extensions.

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