Moon Breakers: Free Action 3D Space Game

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Moon breakers is a free arcade action 3D Space game which can be played on a Chrome browser. Create a login with your Gmail account, add the extension to your Chrome, install, and stroll along the galaxy.

This is a good 3D space game which needs to download a 370MB size assets file from the internet to start playing. You either join the government side or become a pirate to aquire valuable resources from the Moon.

moon breakers intro

About This 3D Space Game:

Moon Breakers is a Multi-player 3D Space Game that is free to play on your Google Chrome Browser. Either you join the Pirates or the Government team; your aim is to kill the enemies or fight till the end, for control of the valuable Helium-3 being mined. Your team wins if you destroy the opposite team’s Space Carrier or by having earned the most points by the end of round.

First when you visit the website, you will be asked to install an application to the Chrome Browser. Click Add and then a Signup option appears. You can login with your Google id and create a username and password. Then a confirmation mail will be sent to your Gmail account. Visit the Moon Breakers website again and login with your username and password. Then a download size of 370MB assets file will be downloaded. After the download is finished you are ready to fly into the space. If you want to play games on a web browser without registration and downloading then try: Boss Rush and Death Race online.

moon breakers action game

The Pilot ID is your username. If you want to change it, you will have to purchase it. I feel it’s good to choose your username wisely and go with it. Now you will be asked to choose your server regions from the following options: United States West, United States east, European Union West, Asia Pacific South East, South America East, and Australia. Choose the area and you will be automatically assigned a match. You will be asked to choose from a group of space crafts divided as follows: L. Fighters (Light), M. Fighters (Medium), H. Fighters (Heavy), and Bombers. The fighters’ description is given in the side window. Only one L. Fighter and one Bomber is unlocked for you amongst many other fighters, from different categories. Choose one of them and you will be immediately flying off from the hangar.

moon breakers hangars

The game is so realistically designed, as we can see flying dust, pieces of rocks moving slowly, space aura, etc. Your space craft moves fast in the hangar but slow in space even at full throttle. Control your space craft with [WASD] buttons and look around with the mouse. Use the left click for machine gun and right click for launching those deadly missiles. Drive through those flying pieces of rocks and shoot at your enemies. You can take cover behind those rocks and lock missiles at opposite team’s Space Carrier. But be careful, you might not notice those moving rocks which may damage your space craft or the enemy space carrier firing at you.

If you win, you will be awarded with huge credits with which you can upgrade your ships or buy boosts. If you don’t, then you may get very less credits. Depending on your server you will have opponents or team mates. You can chat with other players by pressing Enter and typing in and again press Enter to send the message. You can see the controls by pressing Escape and choosing options menu. The winners are decided on rounds basis. Each round is based on time which will be indicated on top of the screen. So, shoot down your enemies before the count down ends.

moon breakers shoot

Search and Destroy or Assault the Carrier, either way you win and bring glory to your team. The sound effects are good and graphics are really awesome. If there is any problem connecting to the servers then that might be because of your Antivirus application. Check if this application works on your browser or not by visiting this website.

Click here to Login Moon Breakers Website.

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